How 3 Years Of Narendra Modi Government has strengthened Indian Democracy

It’s been three years since the NaMo wave swept the entire nation…when on May 26, 2014, Narendra Modi was sworn in as India’s 14th Prime Minister. Although a popular leader even back then (after all, he single-handedly scripted the political history for both BJP and Congress, delivering to BJP its biggest win in 30 years), his brand has only become stronger with each passing day…much to the chagrin of his arch-rivals and pseudo-intellectuals.

Thus, with each passing day, the nation realizes how important it was to have a strong Prime Minister, who could hold his own in front of the world while possessing the vision to take the nation and its people forward. Of course, there are some dissenting voices (albeit they are in severe minority), who are busy indulging in mud-slinging and political name-calling…for their petty political gains. It is to those people that we call out to…in order to let them know exactly what has the three years of Modi’s Government given to the people of this great big nation!?!

Narendra Modi

Of course, we cannot talk about every single action of the government for we would need a multitude of articles to deal with them. Thus, for now…we will restrict our debate to the most important question posing the largest democracy in the world: ‘Has Modi managed to strengthen this vibrant democracy or threatened it?’ There are three facets to any strong democracy — (1) strong economy, (2) strong people, and (3) strong country.

Strong Economy

It has already been proved through econometric research that economic growth helps bring in peace and prosperity while reducing conflict and turmoil. Thus, whether it be through the ‘Make in India’ initiative that has brought an increase in the FDI. Furthermore, initiatives like Digital India too has helped take the country on a technological revolution.

Strong People

A country does not comprise of specks of land…it comprises of people! And in order to have a strong democracy, you need to have a strong set of people…be it in terms of social or economic empowerment. Thus, the present government, under Narendra Modi has been working steadily to help Young India build itself, especially through its different programmes, such as the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana for financial inclusion, Mudra Bank Yojana for financing young entrepreneurs, Pradhan Mantri Jeeva Jyoti Bima Yojana for life insurance, Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana for Accidental insurance, Atal Pension Scheme for workers from the unorganised sectors, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana that aims at providing continuous electricity to rural India, etc.

In fact, Prime Minister Modi has even mandated that his MPs be responsible for developing the socio-economic and physical infrastructure of three villages each. What’s more, he even launched the Udaan Project, which is a special initiative aimed for the people of Jammu & Kashmir, with a view to enhance the employability of more than 40,000 youth over a period of five years. Thus, Modi’s attempt at harnessing the power of human resource is the biggest contribution to the country.

Strong Country

Well, a strong democracy needs a strong defense! In other words, for any democracy to survive in the world, a country needs a strong national defence policy, whether internal or external. In other words, when we talk about national security, we are not simply talking about the Army, Navy, or the Air Force, who are only responsible for saving us from external threats. No, what we are talking about is a country that is strong…both internally and externally.

In fact, ever since Narendra Modi has been at the helm of affairs, the frequency of terrorist attacks and riots have gone down considerably in the country. Furthermore, a decisive man like the Indian Prime Minister does not hesitate when making tough calls, as evident in his giving the Indian Army a free hand in dealing with the menace called Pakistan!


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