Top 5 Adventure Destinations in India

India is major tourist destination, mostly because of its diversified culture and colorful celebration. But adventure sports is also a point, tourists consider when they are mapping their trips. Here is a list of most interesting and best places for adventure in India :


Pushkar, Rajasthan – Another sports picking up in India is hot air ballooning. Unlike other sports, it does not require any sports skills but still promises to give you nervous butterflies in the stomach when you are at the great heights in the sky. To get the bird’s eye view of the whole city and relax in the breeze of the atmosphere at the same time, this is the sport you should pick without thinking twice. The sport can be considered to be in the “getting there” category but you can still find it happening in the Rajasthan during the world-famous Pushkar Camel Festival. So, next year do not forget to mark your calendars for the festival to bag the double adventure.

Gulmarg, Kashmir – None of the adventure enthusiasts can deny how crazy someone can get for Skiing. Why would India lag behind? Gulmarg in Kashmir serves what exactly you need. It has the reputation of having the most elaborate equipment and facilities for this sport. By nature, it can be only pursued in winters and December is considered to be the best time when the thick layer of snow does just the needful for the sport. Barring Gulmarg, Kufri, Dayara and Manali can be considered in the list.

Himachal Pradesh – Considered to be sport which is at its infant stage in the country, Paragliding in India is gaining a fast pace. Thanks to destinations like Kullu, Solang, Spiti in Himachal Pradesh, this aero sport is no longer a impossible thing to do in India . But, tourists who have made up their minds for paragliding should not miss Sanasar in Jammu, which is also a major hub of paragliding in India. To further promote the sport in the country, there are many schools and flying clubs coming forward to offer courses in paragliding.

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand – White water rafting is something which most of the students want to do once in their lives. The Himalayan rivers provide the base for it and people have utilised it in the best way possible. Apart from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand is blessed with Garhwal with trained staff and good equipment for a safe adventure combined with lots and lots of fun. The best time to visit the place is starts from September to May. From students to adventure enthusiasts, this place has everything combined in a affordable budget.  Most of the tour websites have packages for Rishikesh’s white water rafting sessions but it is also advisable to go out there and discover your own adventure skill.

Kovalam, Tamil Nadu– Not many know about the this surfing point in south India which is also considered to be the only training institute of Surfing in India. With over 200 people visiting for sessions, Kovalam enjoys the presence of most enthusiastic people interested in the sport. The sessions go as long as for the day with children as young as six out there fighting the waves. The sight of people in the sea, playing with it is beautiful and makes evenings fulfilling . The surfing session can be one-day and go till 10 days. It is both a haven and heaven for aspiring surfers in the country with best and probably only training school of surfing in India.

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