5 Reasons why Arranged Marriage is a better idea

In a cultural country like India, one can never be sure as to what is better – a love marriage or an arranged. There are people who would cross every line to support a love match and then there are people who would deny every truth and fact and stand by the age-old idea of successful arranged marriages.

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Thankfully, today’s generation is one which is willing to weigh the pros and cons of both and take a sensible decision; a decision that they would love to stick by for the rest of their lives.


A lot of people may believe otherwise but one can find great compatibility in an arranged match too. The parents of the bride and groom choose a potential match after keeping every minute thing in mind – the social status, the traditions, the general attitude of the other family and the nature of the potential match. This not only helps the bride and the groom settle in easily, but also prepares the families in advance and makes the entire process of welcoming a new member into the family less tedious.

Stronger bond

Arranged marriage ensures a stronger bond between the girl and the boy being united. The whole relationship is based on mutual respect towards each other and their families and this also means that both the people are willing to go that extra mile to make the marriage work. Both the people bring respect and understanding to the table and try to avoid doing things which would sabotage the image of their families.

The acceptance by the families

Unlike love marriages, here the couple doesn’t have to fight to be accepted into each other’s families. There is a sense of comfort the moment the new bride enters her new house. She is welcomed and loved by all and starts feeling like a part of the new family almost instantly. Parents of the bride and groom are more than happy and confident about their in-laws and they make additional efforts to keep the relationship and the bond growing.


Considering the bride and groom both agreed to a partner they didn’t know earlier, they both work towards having a greater understanding and are compassionate towards each other. There is very little space for ego in such a relationship and that is what makes the bond even stronger. Both the people take the onus when things go wrong and take the responsibility to bring the relationship back on a smooth track. This level of adjustment makes them realize each other’s efforts and they respect each other even more through the years.


Arranged marriages are like flowers which bloom with time. They are almost like the beginning of a new love story and the story becomes more beautiful with each passing day when both the people get to know each other. Arranged marriage teaches a person the real meaning of love, which is sticking by through the thick and thin. You grow together and get to know each other the way nobody ever knew you and that is the beauty of this relationship.

Thus, arranged marriage is not only a setting in which you oblige your parents by giving them the right to choose a life partner for you but also a life long journey which would ensure your growth as a beautiful human being with another person. Arranged marriage gives you a friend, lover and a soul mate all in the form of your partner who is willing to invest in you as much as you in him.


  1. In today’s world, arranged marriages may seem to be an old-fashioned concept but its basic essence is magnificent. If we analyze the previous trends, India has seen lower divorce rates than the west. Why? Simply because of the enriched cultural and eminent commitment levels put into the concepts of the arranged marriage. Indulging the families of the couple make many lives smoother than otherwise. The compatibility and the stronger bonds further strengthen the base of same.

  2. This “article” is painfully biased and like the comments, very close minded… So many things wrong with it!


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