Best Tech Gifts for Brother

Your brother is one of your partners in crime! Everything is incomparable to the happiness of your brother. To put on a broad smile on the face of your homie, we have compiled a list of the 5 best tech devices to your best buddy in the world.


Here you go:


The best gift you can give to your reader brother! A product launched by Amazon, this allows your bookworm brother to read, browse, purchase and even download the e-books of his choice. Apart from the books, it also offers wide ranges of the newspapers and the magazines. Up with Lab126 hardware platform and the colour LCD screens, Kindle has a library of more than 4 million e-books. Gift a kindle to your brother and register the big broad smile on his face!

Android gaming controller

Gamers and brothers are just the two references for the same breed of people. I am sure all the guys are perennially looking for the ways to ease the way of playing and this is where you can come to their rescue. Gift your brother an android gaming controller. Be grateful to the MOGA universal driver for coming up with this wireless controller. Easily connected with the phone, this portable device will eliminate the fears of degrading the touch of your tablet, smartphone or the iPad. Just connect and play the games on your touch devices without harming your expensive tech device.

Smartwatch by apple

One of the latest devices that has left the worldwide tech lovers amazed is apple smartwatch. A perfect gift for your brother, this device is another tech invention that is surely going to make his life easier. Best designed and coming with great features, apple’s smartwatch is a personal wallet, calculator, memo holder and what not? A mini computer on your wrist, it allows you to choose from a wide range of the apps as per the convenience of the user. Easy to change bands, voice calls on the go and the integration paid by the company is an added bonus.

Navdy Mounted Windshield Projector

We can never ignore the significant role of a smartphone in our life. However, the trouble is introduced when one is driving. We all have seen the one in the driving seat struggling with the calls. It is the time you give an end to your brother’s trouble. This device connects with the phone and projects the phone screen on the windshield. The control can either be by the means of hand gestures or the voice control. It is available for both, iOs and the android.

Samsung Galaxy s6

If we analyze the devices which made it to the top lately, Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of them. In an age where apple leads, this is one product that is still making it! A fine smartphone for him, it has a 5.1-inch screen and has been carved out of a solid metal frame. This has given it a new look and a different experience for the user. The other features that bat for S6 are the storage space and QHD display. Offering 3GB RAM and storage of 32, 64 and 128 GB, it sets a landmark in the field of animations.

Escort Smart Radar

Escort smart radar is a device which is all set to enhance the travel experience of your brother. This radar, once connected with the smartphone will be sending regular updates about things like the wifi hotspots, food chain destination and much more in the proximity of user’s location. If you see your brother travelling quite often and in an ardent need of a device like this, cheer up and place an order right away!


Another leader of the list of the tablets, Apple iPad makes for the best of the gifts your brother will unwrap! A portable tech device with the best of the features has made a lot of lives easier on this planet. Lightweight, thinner appearance, and faster speed are few of the many features where an iPad beats its rivals. One of the most successful of the tablets, it comes with a retina display and has it all to take care of the eyes for your brother.

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  1. Technology is slowly becoming an essential part of your life and thus is being wrapped quite often to be presented as the gifts to your nears and dears. I find kindle as a gadget that everyone must have. It can be gifted to anyone and the relevance is quite significant as well. That apart, one can also present with the games and play stations to the geek gamers.


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