Best Tech Gifts for Dad

The technical evolution has been successful in registering a personal space in human life. We are at a point where it is perverse to imagine our lives without the technology. The extent is vast to a limit that the wrapped gift exchanges are hiding tech gadgets! In this vow, we are presenting a list of five best tech gift Ideas for dads:

iPhone 6S

If it is about the phones, nothing beats what Apple offers. Introduced in September 2015, iPhone 6S has all in the pack make the life simpler for your father. It is termed to be the most advanced smartphone and is available in four different outlooks namely, silver, gold, rose gold and space grey. A 4.7-inch screen is all up to match the desires of his eyes while 3D touch is all equipped to feel even the force gestures. iOs apps and world class feature further strengthen its chances.


A computer which can fit in your dad’s palm, a palmtop is something that will help your dad in a number of the ways! A clamshell design and its portability are what makes a palmtop, the best gift for your father. Managing contacts, calendar, email, notes and many such simple features was never this easy before. Easy Internet connectivity, efficient system software and flash animations are the best of what any user may ever ask for! Let your dad view the videos easily on the device as well as edit, view and share the excel, presentation and the word documents.

Google On-Hub

A router for your wifi friendly father, Google On-Hub is the right gift for your dad. An easy setup device with great looks, it is an 802.11 AC device. Coming with the built-in Bluetooth, this device is the next best thing that you need in your tech collection. It has 1GB RAM and 4 GB flash memory and features more than 13 antennas. The speciality of this device is that if any particular channel is overloaded, the system, by default, dispenses the flow to different underutilised channels.

Fit Bit charge HR

One of the menaces of the technological advancement has been the adverse effects on the fitness. At an age of your dad, it is essential to maintain the levels of the fitness and health. Now, to keep a track of the decaying health due to technology, gift him the technology! This fit bit charger works 24*7 and tracks heart rate using the caller ID. Not only this, it monitors the varying pattern of heart rate as well and keeps an account of the calories burned, steps uptaken, floors travelled, distance and sleep. Easy wear in hand, it is a soft black rubber bond and has a diagonal fetching pattern.

BOOGIE BOARD writing tablet

Taking notes and deleting them on the go has never been this easier before! If your dad’s work pushes him to take notes often, this is what you must wrap up for him. The writing tablet has an LCD screen. The epic writing surface allows easy deletion and is cent percent pressure sensitive. Its reliability makes it further a must have and can be used in the home, office or even your car! A simple flash LCD screen is embedded with a 3V sealed battery and requires no replacing life long. 1/8th of the inch thin breadth makes it easy to carry the device in your backpack or the briefcase.


Is your dad’s patience tested every morning as he lose his car keys? Does he forget where did he parked his car or placed his wallet? Get him TILE! Do not confuse this with the tiles used in the home as this is a digital tech device. All you are required to do is attach this on any of such material, say the wallet, keys or even the car. Once you do so, an app will detect the same and help you reach them easily! Tile comes with 100 feet Bluetooth range.

Barnes and Noble Nook

A different reading device, A Barnes and Noble Nook is a tablet which offers ebooks in bulk. One of the right decisions you will ever make for your father, the nook is considered to be an equivalent of Kindle. Fine light display and viable designs, the Nook is known for eminent performance. It allows public library lending and one can purchase any of the books online as well. Take the liberty and let your dad take a dip in the ocean of words!

Motorised ties rack

A 5 inch*16 inch plastic ties rack is the finest gift you will present to your dad. This rack rotates in any direction at the press of a button only and thus offers easy browsing options. Taking less space and coming with built in light and a shut-off timer, its cost price is nothing more than 30$. Motorised ties rack can hold 70 ties and 4 belts.

Next time you are wondering what to do to ease his work, thank us for you know what to buy for him?


  1. Technology is still a new concept to our parents and thence, it is our duty to help them be frequent with the same. For this, the prime requirement is to own the gadgets. The gadgets mentioned above seems to counter most of the problems fathers generally face. I have seen my father cribbing over the fact that he lose his car keys quite frequently. I am surely gonna gift him tiles soon!


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