5 career options to choose if you know French Language

Learning French or planning to learn? Well here are some career paths you could chose depending upon your expertise of the language.


If you are good at English, become equally good at French and kick-start a superb career option for yourself. When we talk about a job in translation, we often do not realize that the scope is immense.

From government organizations to the corporate world, everyone is following the path of globalization, hence everyone requires language experts. You may always start as a freelance translator and then move on to better jobs, or if you are lucky enough you may straight away land up with a full-time job contract. It is good to have a degree / diploma in translation but not always compulsory.

French Language

Every year, thousands of students move to France either for work or for higher studies, and one of their prime requirements is get an official translation of their diplomas, degrees, and birth certificates. There are different agencies that ensure these translation services. Give these agencies a Google, and see what’s in store for you. You may as well approach travel companies, because due to their international clientele, they might require translation services for their marketing collaterals.

Just to bust a common myth, translators do not translate everything; they are masters of a certain area – law, health, technology. And contrary to what a lot of people might think, the field is competitive and requires you be really skilled at it.


Okay, wait before you frown, interpreting and translating are not the same.

Translation is about changing the written word from one language to another, while interpreting is all about mastering the spoken word.

You require a darn good level in French as you won’t have a dictionary or internet at your disposal. This profession requires you to be spontaneous and precise. If you think you’re more of a ‘I-work-at-my-own-pace’ person, translation may be a better option for you.


If you’re somebody who loves to be in contact with the young, and have a flair for teaching, go ahead pass on what you have learnt to the ones wanting to learn it. Right from online trainers to part-time/ full time ones, French language experts can work whichever way they like. You may be needed in corporate firms with French connections, or educational institutions. If you have a teaching degree alongside, it could be a plus but it’s not mandatory.


Companies like Amazon, Tech Mahindra, Convergys, Wipro, and others of the like are usually on the look-out for French Language customer support. And the best part is that unlike other professions you do not need a proficient level in French, an intermediate level is generally good enough to start. This is a great way to improve your listening and spoken language skills as well since you’ll be in constant touch with French natives as a part of your work.


If you are someone who likes chatting, and if learning more about cultures is something that comes naturally to you, then the profession of a tour guide is for you. Remember that it wouldn’t always be fun so be prepared to be always on your toes.  To be able to practice as a tour guide, it’s important to obtain a license. It’s the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India that grants licenses to tour guides. Do not hesitate to check-out the department of tourism websites of different states to get more details about obtaining the license.

Happy Learning!


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