5 Dedicated Indian Civil Servants You Will Be Proud To Know

There are heroes in Bollywood movies and then there are a few unsung heroes in our real life. Heroes, who fight evil till they die, and who don’t bog down no matter what situation demands. These young heroes have not only made their family rise in proud but also restore our faith in the system that –

In the midst of corruption, there are few civil servants who don’t lose their brilliance no matter how much ever the black money gleams.


He was a sincere, dedicated and hardworking civil engineer who was assigned the designation of project director in the National Highways Authority of India at Koderma in Jharkhand. He exposed the financial irregularities and involvement of corruption while he was assigned to work on Golden Quadrilateral Project, and wrote letter to the PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee at that point of time. However, he requested not to disclose his name because of the risk involved but somehow the name wa leaked and he was suspiciously shot dead near the railway station of Gaya, Bihar.


“Miracle man” of Manipur – is what he was called as. His devotion towards the society was at such an extent that he used his own savings to build a road in the hills of Manipur that would connect it from rest of the state. His devotion towards society made people to come ahead and contribute, he is a leader who is not known by many.


She is holding the position of District Magistrate in Bulandhsahar and has never ever stopped herself from exposing the unjust practices that took place in her radar. She has been successful in exposing three corrupt contractors and booked him too, while one of them was the brother of the member of ruling party in Uttar Pradesh.


He has faced 20 transfers in the service of 20 years all thanks to his rigid nature of not compromising with unjust practices. He is civil servant from Tamil Nadu, and also the first IAS officer to make his assets public. He had also indulged himself into an extensive research that led to charges against numerous businessmen and politician not only this but he is also known for his move against buying of votes. His good work help him winning the heart of people and that was seen when people in Madurai protested in his favor against the government on his transfer.


His career was started back in 2009 as an IPS officer in Bihar with higher level of commitment towards his work; he managed to withstand all the odds courageously. He marched towards stopping the illegal mining of stones spending his time in fighting with mine mafias with greater level of guts and spirit. At the age of 30, he was killed by crushing to death through a tractor. One of the member who belonged to the gang of mine mafia crushed him to death while he was fighting to stop the tractor carrying illegally mined stones.

Such real time heroes are the reason why we can go safely and admire our reel time heroes. These Kind of Indians make us feel  Proud to be India.


  1. Most of the time when the nation talks about its unsung heroes, military, airforce and navy men are acknowledged. With due respect to national heroes, we need to highlight the contribution of those people who did ordinary things differently withing the country. I take deep pride in the work of these 5 Civil Servants mentioned here. I am sure, there are many others who had worked and still working to make India a better place. Kudos to IYN for initiating a move to present these unsung heroes.


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