5 Powerful Influencers in a Teenager’s Life

Teenagers are curious creatures by nature. They have sharp, inquisitive minds, always willing to learn more, know more, and experience everything, even if it is harmful for them. They are high on adrenalin and the belief that the world is their oyster. The vitality of youth coupled with the die-hard attitude leads them to making mistakes, burning their fingers, and ultimately learning from those mistakes. But sometimes these mistakes can prove to be costly. Teenage is an important time in the development of these adolescents into full-fledged adults, and it is vital that they are nudged in the right direction where they can grow positively and not fall prey to the many trappings of drugs, excessive alcohol and more.


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Here we look at the powerful influencer’s in a teenager’s life so that they can be harnessed positively.


A teenager’s immediate family and their habits are seen by them in the day to day life, and as parents and family members are role models for these adolescents, they end up mimicking their actions and try to follow in their footsteps. Family is an important influencer, and so it is up to the family members to make sure they set the right example for kids and hold themselves – and their children – to high standards. If they do not adhere to such standards themselves but ask it from their teenagers then they will be seen as hypocrites and the kids may lose respect for them. Remember, family must form the proper impression so that the teenagers grow up to become similarly model adults.


For a teenager, most of their ideologies develop through osmosis with their friends. Most teenagers do something just because their friends are doing it, or because it is the new fad, the ‘in’ thing. Peer pressure is a thing, and often children may end up doing something which they may not usually do, or partake in a substance they may usually shy away from just to fit in with their friends and the crowd, to appear hip, to appear cool. This influence is quite strong and often difficult to resist as no one wants to be the black sheep of the group, so make sure to be firm if you see your teenager drifting in with the wrong crowd.


In a world where televisions have proliferated everywhere and movies can be seen all over the world, celebrities enjoy demigod status among children. Thus, their actions are exalted and their deeds are almost worshipped by these kids. In such cases, children may end up seeing a certain movie and try to perform some haphazard stunt or deed carried out by some actor there, even if it is out of their ability to do so. Violence, drugs and the like are a common theme in movies and the children may be tempted to follow in that direction as well. Similarly, celebrities endorse products and children are keen to buy it, as they assume their favourite heroes use it too. Depending on the situation and the actions, such influence can be either positive or negative, but it surely has a strong impact on teenagers.


With the advent of technology and the spread of the internet, teens have access to more information than ever before, all at the tip of their fingers. While this is undoubtedly helpful for projects and research, the Net also has a lot of crude stuff such as fetish pornography, harmful, violent websites, and much more. With smartphones and tablets access is even easier than ever before.

It is important to make children realize the difference between the two so that they are only influenced by the positive parts of technology and stay far away from the coarser, horrifying aspects.

Social Media

The world is closer than ever before, and social media has had a major role in making it so. Through the many social media sites such as Facebook and the plethora of instant messaging apps available, all of these are great ways to stay in touch with friends even if great distances separate them in reality.

However, sexual predators and the like are on the prowl on these sites as well, and children and their parents should be wary of them. Social Media is a powerful tool and influence on life, but it is one which should be carefully regulated by parents so that their kids remain safe.

These are some of the many influencers on a teenager’s life, and the ways in which they can affect life, either positively or negatively.

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