5 Reasons Why Nitish Kumar Should Join NDA

Even though the title of the article may have you shocked and shaking your head in either disbelief or amusement, stay with me awhile…for I will enumerate the logic and rationale behind the known arch-enemy of Narendra Modi, aka Nitish Kumar , joining hands with Modi (or the BJP…which to Nitish Kumar, is one and the same thing).


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Ideological Similarities

Before Nitish Kumar fervently flagged off the temperance movement in Bihar (even as he happily ignores all other aspects of governance), temperamentally he too stood for the same things that Narendra Modi stood for — i.e. ’Development’. Hence, if we think about it…both Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi — once upon a time! — stood for the same things: ‘pro-development’ as a tool for eradication of poverty.

Better Governance

The most important roles that both Modi and Nitish Kumar played in the Indian democracy was providing good governance to people. Under both these leaders, the bureaucracy became more efficient, and surprise surprise…for once, the government servants started serving the people. Hence, they both gave their individual states a more efficient government machinery. Now only if they both joined hands, imagine what they could collectively do!

Above caste and creed

Both Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi proved substantially that their pro-development agenda had the power to help this country come out of the age-old caste-based politics, with both political heads winning the elections — solely on the basis of their deeds and not their creeds. With both coming together, they could finally help bring the country out of its casteist ethos to elections.

Above dynastic politics

The one thing that is common between the two leaders, as with most other members of their respective parties is the absence of a dynasty. Both leaders have — much to people’s admiration — managed to kept politics and families separate. In a country that is still fighting the malaise of dynastic politics, it is refreshing to see two leaders who are not busy passing on the rewards of politics to their progenies…or even to their family members. After all, think of one allegation where they have been seen favouring their sons, daughters, son-in-laws, or daughter-in-laws.

Loyalty above politics

Once upon a time, when Nitish Kumar came to power in Bihar for the first time, it was BJP who, despite having a larger vote share, decided to give the reins of the state to the Nitish Kumar. Together, the JDU and BJP managed to transform the state, helping bring the state out of the RJD-promoted Jungle Raj. Moreover, it was the BJP that gave Nitish Kumar the support that he needed to run an efficient system.

Of course, these are the reasons why Nitish Kumar needs to join the NDA. The sad reality is that Nitish Kumar allowed his ego to become bigger than the nation. In his eagerness to become the Prime Minister, he even went back on his word and joined hands with the man he so vehemently opposed — Lalu Prasad Yadav…forgetting in the process that there is a famous saying that says that even smart enemies are better than foolish friends!!!


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