5 Reasons why Women should Work after Marriage

Probably one of the most debated questions in almost every household in a country like ours, this question is something that decides the status of a woman after she gets married. A lot of people believe that women shouldn’t be working after getting married and think that they have a strong reason to believe so. The reason, however, is the age-old belief that people work only to earn enough to sustain a family and if the man of the house is capable of the same, then the woman shouldn’t step out. Well, let’s tell all those people how times have changed and why women should work regardless of their marital status.

Learning new things

The best part about working is the process of learning that comes with it. It is rightly said that a person never stops learning and this comes true when a person interacts with different people every single day. You could learn things about people, about your own work, or life in general. The point is that as long as you’re alive and healthy, there should be something that drives you. Let that driving force be the quest for knowledge.


Confidence can be developed only after stepping out of your comfort zone. Your workplace is one of those places that push you to be more confident every single day. You learn more, achieve more, get challenged and then work towards overcoming that challenge. This makes women, whether married or unmarried, confident enough to take decisions in life and stick to them.


The more you get out of your home, the more you will be exposed to the world and its vastness. You interact with all sorts of people, you get to know about the world, your general knowledge increases and you start understanding the nuances of the real good and bad in life. This all comes only with experience. You need to go through it to understand it, or you could choose to live in oblivion all your life.

Financial Independence

The best part about working is that you can buy whatever you want to without having to ask anyone. It is one of those things that you would just enjoy doing, you don’t need to ask for money, you are your own boss. This also shows that women can be a great help and a support to their partner in terms of finances. Together, a couple can earn enough to have a good life and can raise their kids without having to worry about the money.

Gain respect

Apart from all the above, you gain respect, your own and your family’s. You become an individual whose opinions matter, who is capable of taking the right decisions. You have a say in the house and people respect you for being worldly wise and knowledgeable. You start looking at yourself in a different light and you become sure of yourself. And that is the best things that could ever happen to anyone. In the end, respect is all that matters to a person.

Living in the 21st century, I believe that it is time we moved on from these issues to something that is bigger and more important. Working or not working after marriage is only a matter of choice of the girl and nobody else should have anything to do with it. Working doesn’t mean that a girl doesn’t want to be a part of the family, it just means that she wants to have a career too. It means that she wants to be a girl who can balance her work and family, she wants to be able to give the right upbringing to her kids while she makes a place for herself in the world. She is ready to take the challenge head on!


  1. Be it sooner or later, women must turn back to office post marriage for a number of the reasons. It helps you gain a lot of confidence and power to face the life in upcoming years. The challenges involved will make you a stronger person altogether. Once you start working, the passion on your face will help you climb up in life. The financial dependency is also another reason to work for!


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