5 Reasons Why Youth Should Join the Armed Forces

Who wouldn’t like to live a dream? The call of adventure beckons us all. The only question then is, are you ready for it? As kids, we all dream of being a superhero and saving the world, as we grow up and become realistic we realize, superhero are fiction but heroes are for real and who are these heroes might you ask? None other than the soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces! May be being a superhero is stuff for kids but one can always be a hero by joining the defence services and save the nation from dangerous enemies- internal as well as external. This is why the popularity of the armed forces as the numero uno career option is sky high! Here are top 5 reasons why youth is crazy about this way of life:

1. Adventurous life : Do you want to sky dive? Do you love shooting? Are adventure sports your calling? Do you dream of being air-dropped on top of a building? If you feel adrenaline rushing to your brain as you read this, then congratulations! You are no different that the millions who dream of joining the armed forces and leading this life.

2. The Uniform : Well, who doesn’t love looking smart in a fitting uniform duly decorated with stars and medals? Imagine the self-image boost when you would look into a mirror and see a soldier with royal looks being reflected back! For most of the youth, the uniform is a big part of the attraction towards defence services. Also, it is a proud moment for their parents to see them in those brilliant colors on the day of their passing out parade or the day when they finally become officers.

3. Awesome pay package : Let’s face it, not much job satisfaction can be achieved without a good salary coming in by the end of the month. With the implementation of the 7th pay commission, the salaries of the defence personnel are set to rise still higher. Most of the cadets these days buy lavish cars within first few months of joining. While the rest of their friends are stuck at low paying jobs which demand a lot of office hours, our brave young soldiers take time out to take their new Chevrolet for a spin!

4. Perks over and above the pay : The lavish government bungalow, exclusive schools and colleges, canteen services, medical facilities, travel allowances, reservations in trains, flights and even some colleges! More than anything else, the safety of cantonment! These seem to be more than enough reasons to lure even the thickest of the youth towards the armed forces. It is also about the respect that one gets as defence personnel that makes the youth regard these services as the best career choice available.

5. Service to the nation : The youth is idealistic. We want our lives to have greater meaning than just collecting money. Youth want to leave their mark, to do something above average and unique. Joining the armed forces provides them the opportunity to serve the nation like no other job option. Providing service to the nation by dedicating one’s life to it elevates the person to the status of a hero. This is truly a noble cause worth dying for. For the passionate and honest youth, there can be no better career option than the great Indian Armed Forces.

If, during school functions, blood rushed through your body and tears of pride came in your eyes during the hoisting of the national flag, then what are you waiting for? This is the best career option you can dream of! It will be the one path of achieving all that you wanted and all that you thought was possible.

image Source : http://armyphotos.net/army-soldiers-photos/indian-army-parachute-regiment/


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