Hangouts In Noida City That College Students Love To Haunt

Located adjacent to the national capital, Noida carries a major significance in the national capital region. Its development as an educational hub recent years have revived the status of the hangout places and local excursion spots. The touch of the history and the modern architecture spice has enriched the city with a certain considerable number of hangout places. Here are the best 5:

The Great India Place Mall ( GIP)

A major landmark in today’s date, The Great India Place Mall or TGIP Mall has all the reasons to be one of the best in the city. Located opposite to the busy market of Sector-18, this mall has brought huge crowds to the city in recent years. Such has been the impact of the spot that it is next to impossible to imagine the life of Noida without the GIP! Home to all the prominent food chain outlets, the GIP also offers the gaming section at Appu Ghar located on the backside of the mall compound. You can enjoy a movie with your friends at the Big Cinemas followed by the lunch of your choice. Thanks to the Indian, Mughlai, Chinese and Thai restaurants in the mall! To reach here either drive, take a bus or you can walk from the sector18 metro station.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

This one is for all the nature lovers and the people interested in bird watching. Okhla bird sanctuary is located at the Okhla barrage over the Yamuna river near Mahamaya flyover. An entry ticket for 20 INR and another 30 to rent a bicycle. Yes! You can rent a bicycle by providing a legal ID and take a tour on the cycle in the canopy of shady trees for more than 4 km on the banks of river Yamuna as you catch the sight of beautiful birds. If you promise not to disturb the birdies, it is one place you will thank me for! Either take a DTC bus or hire an autorickshaw from the Botanical Garden Metro Station to explore this hidden treasure in Noida city.

Worlds of Wonder

One of the most crowds attracting place in Noida, WOW is a water and amusement theme based park. Offering the rides and a gala time in away from the tensions of life, you can create a set of memories with your friends here. It is located near the GIP mall and is a common hangout for the youth. In a proximity to the Botanical Garden Metro Station, WOW is a hub of adventure, water rides, and a good food. Just a tip, book your tickets online to avail huge discounts which may not available in offline bookings.

Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Stahl

Constructed in ex-CM Mayawati’s reign, Rashtriya Dalit Prerna Stahl is located on the banks of Yamuna river in an area of more than 100 acres. A heaven for all the photography enthusiasts and a chillout place for all the students and youth, this has a lush green expanse and a mini-museum. Apart from this, the statues of the great people hailing from the lower castes are also being erected. An architectural masterpiece, this is dedicated to the Dalits. If history fascinates you, this is where you can plan your next picnic.

Noida Sector-18 market

Quite different from the general markets of the sectors of urban planning authorities, Sector 18 market is the youth junction for a number of reasons. Home to numerous cafes and food points, sector 18 offers a great young life. Having a large parking capacity and proximity to the sector-18 metro station makes it further a busy spot. Either check in for the coffee or enjoy a good food with your friends, Sector 18 market will never disappoint you!


  1. One of the fastest developing cities in the NCR, Noida has certainly got a lot to offer. The discs which run in the daytime of the city are a happy reason why people do not regret time constraints anymore. Apart from this, I will also like to add Botanical Garden as a must visit for the students. It is having a detailed analogy of the plants and should interest the enthusiasts.


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