5 Style Rules Every Working Woman Should Follow


“You can have anything you want in life, if you dress for it.”

When the legendary fashion designer Edith Head said these words, she wasn’t joking at all. Style plays a pivotal role in defining your overall personality, and there’s no denying this fact. When it comes to your job, a strong personality is what you definitely need to match that hard work you do every day. The right style just adds volumes to the overall confidence a career-driven woman reflects.

There are no hard and fast conventions to as of how one must dress for work. While some of you might have a strict work culture, with formals being the dress code, other may have a casual office environment with the freedom to dress the way you want.

5 Style Rules Every Working Woman Should Follow

However, whatever the work environment is, there are a few simple rules that apply everywhere. Let’s take a look at five of these, so that you never have a bad fashion day at work.


Don’t underestimate the magic of footwear

Whether it’s those pointed stilettoes to match a classy black pantsuit or comfortable flats for casual Fridays, you got to have the right shoes for work. Footwear can make or break your style in one go, and we’re quite convinced that you agree. Always make sure that you have some classic colours, such as black, nude and white, which come handy when nothing else matches.


Have your best formals ready

Sometimes, the perfect formal dress can add up to your confidence at a tough client meeting. Doesn’t matter if you are a lady boss or simply a newbie trying to create the best impression in a new office, chic formals will always be your best fashion friend. You can opt for a classy black pencil skirt with a crisp blouse or just put on a well-fitted blazer above your simple shirt and trousers. Choose what comforts you and carry it with elegance.

Always pick the clothes that fit well

Your clothes at work should neither be too baggy in appearance nor too tight that your skin can’t breathe. The right fit is the mantra to elegant office dressing. Make sure that you choose the right size while shopping for office apparel, because honestly, that’s one place where you spend the most of your time. That’s why, comfort has to be of paramount importance.

Makeup matters, but keep it simple

With a perfect attire, the right makeup works wonders. But when talked about makeup at your workplace, our advice would be keeping it low. When you decide to go heavy on the makeup, keep the lip shade nude or in other light tones. Similarly, a red lipstick would look best with minimal eye makeup. The right balance and some minimalism create the perfect look you would require every day for looking your best.

Accessories well to complete the look

From the right handbag to your earrings, watch and even your phone case, accessories complete your ensemble like nothing else can. So, pick the right ones and you are ready to be at your fashionable best. Not just one day, but every single day throughout your work life.


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