5 Things Everyone Should Know About Menstrual Hygiene

Is it that time of the month again? Or is it the first time you’re facing your period? First of all, be happy, you’re stepping into womanhood. And for those who are experiencing it for the first time, it’ll soon become your way of life.

Menstrual hygiene poster. Credit: BRAC

Here are 5 basic menstrual hygiene tips that will help you stay calm and clean during those otherwise difficult days of the month.

Choose the right sanitation method

With so many different hygiene options available to choose from, we’re absolutely spoiled for choice in the market.  Sanitary pads, tampons or menstrual cups, all provide effective protection depending upon your period flow and your comfort level with the method used. It is recommended that you stick to a single brand and a single method for some time to see if it suits your need.

Remember to change every 4 to 6 hours

In order to maintain vaginal hygiene it is recommended that you change them every 4-6 hours. The blood released during your periods is the best place for certain microbes and bacteria to flourish and multiply, increasing chances of vaginal infections or infection in the urinary tract. Women with heavy bleeding should change it more frequently. Regular changing of pads also helps in avoiding pad rash that occurs when your wet pad stays in touch with your skin for long.

Even though your sanitary pad or tampon is not entirely used, it’s important that you change it in order to avoid TSS (toxic shock syndrome). TSS (a condition in which a tampon is left inserted in the body for long, allowing bacteria to break into the body causing severe infection) is more common with tampons than with sanitary pads.

Trust Water

There are a lot of brands in pharmacy shops selling products to help you stay clean during your periods. The best free resource that you can trust always is water. Try to keep yourself as clean as possible, especially during your periods. Washing with soaps would kill the good bacteria present in the vagina and would disharmonize the ph balance too. In order to stay safe and clean, trust water and nothing else.

Washing properly with a right technique is equally important. Wash from up (vagina) to down (anus) and do not do the inverse else the bacteria from the anus might cling to your vagina and wouldn’t get washed-off increasing chances of infection.

Disinfect your underwear in case of a stain

It’s normal to get a stain during your periods. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it happens make sure you change your underwear immediately and disinfect it before wearing it again. It is not advisable to continue walking around when your underwear is stained with your period blood. Keep extra pairs with you when you are at work.

Disposing off your pads properly

The way it’s essential for you to be careful about your hygiene while you’re on your periods, it’s equally important to dispose -off the used pads as they may cause infection and create foul smell. Do not flush the pads down the sewer as it can clog the toilets. Wrap the used pads or tampons safely in a piece of paper before throwing it into the bin. Do not forget to wash your hands once you have disposed off the pad or tampon.



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