5 tips to increase fuel efficiency of Car

There is no doubt in the fact that the cars are the most convenient way of travelling daily. The fuel cost, however, may force you to think twice before using your vehicle. There is a way through which you can extract the last bit of mileage from your vehicle.

fuel efficiency

Here are five easy to follow tips that will boost your mileage quickly and easily.

Tyre Pressure

The tyre is the most important and the only link between your car and the road. It is also the most important factor for your mileage. Under inflated tyre can reduce the distance dramatically. The lower pressure means the engine has to work harder to overcome rolling friction. The over work was done by the engine results in greater consumption of fuel.

Make sure that the tyre is at the recommended pressure. An overinflated tyre may cause a tyre burst that can lead to an accident. Make sure that you check the tyre pressure every week to keep it at the optimal level.

Gear shifts

Read your owner manual to know where your car engine produces maximum torque. Changing the gear just below the peak torque output makes sure that you get maximum fuel efficiency. The engine is most efficient just below its maximum torque output point. In diesel engines, this point remains very low in the rpm compared to the petrol engine. You can keep an eye on the tachometer or rpm meter to know when to change the gear. If your car does not have the tachometer, listen to the engine and shift the gear with your best estimate.

Turn off engine at stop light signal

Turning off the car at traffic signal will boost the fuel efficiency radically. If your daily driving involves a lot of traffic signals and you switch off your vehicle for at least 10 minutes during your daily traffic, you will save fuel for at least a kilometre or two by just switching off the car. Many modern cars get automatic start/stop feature in the car that turns off the vehicle when it idles for more than 30 seconds. In other vehicles, you will have to do it on your own. This way, you will save fuel, money and nature!

Feel the nature more

Even though Indian weather is not the most suitable to turn the AC off, you should feel nature more. AC puts excessive pressure on the engine, which in turn burns more fuel. Rolling down the windows when you are in the city traffic can increase the mileage by 5-10% easily. While cruising on the highway above 80 km/h, turn back the AC on as the car faces more resistance with the windows open, and it sets back the mileage.

Learn to coast

Coasting is a simple driving technique that can increase the fuel efficiency quickly. Coasting involves in putting the car in neutral while driving or just press the clutch. Instead of using the brakes heavily to stop at a red light, coasting can bring down the speed before you use the brake. Coasting uses car’s momentum to keep the car in motion instead of depending on the engine for power. It is like putting the car on neutral, yet moving it on the road. Coasting saves a lot of fuel. Make sure that you are not on a downhill while coasting; it often leads to loss of control and accident.


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