6 Affordable Holiday Destinations in India for Students

Ever thought when would I grow up enough to take a trip on my own to the Himalayas or even fancier Europe? Ever thought where do people find all those awesome places to go to when you’re absolutely clueless about where to head this summer. Well, here we are to make the difficult stuff a tad bit easier for all of you. Student life is the best time to go explore the world, gather as much exposure as one can and develop the personality while seeing people from different backgrounds and cultures. The students nowadays are not timid, they do not lack confidence, on the contrary, they like being independent, they love to explore new opportunities and they want to see the world. So, here are a few places that you must definitely go to if you’re a student-

Manali – the youth is definitely impressed by the movie Yeh Jawani hai Deewani a lot, and at least once in their student life, they should definitely try imitating the whole Manali trip thing. Beautiful mountains covered in snow and the charming old markets call for way more than just a smallish visit to this heaven. Students are young and energetic and they love adventure, Manali offers them the choice of trekking, paragliding, river rafting and a lot more. A Manali trip can easily be clubbed with Solang valley and Kasaual which are equally beautiful and breathtaking.

Rishikesh – A trip to Rishikesh will be successful only hen one goes with the best of friends and tried new things like river rafting, bungee jumping and beach jungle camping. Bin fires in the night and so much activity during the day will surely make Rishikesh the best holiday spot for students and a trip which they will remember for a lifetime. One could also visit Haridwar if they have enough time in hand and enjoy the evening prayers, a scene which would leave anybody spellbound.

Rajasthan – a place definitely worth exploring and the sooner you do it the better it will be for you. A storehouse of culture and tradition, Rajasthan will woo you with all the colors and celebration all around the place. One could go camping in the desert and enjoy a night under the blue skies and the glittering stars. Or choose to visit the heritage sites and various forts in places like Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur etc. One can even go visit the Bhangarh fort if stories don’t scare them too much

Coorg – Also, known as India’s Scotland, Coorg will give you the space you need to unwind and cut yourself from the bustling city life. The best place to relax and chill with friends with homegrown tea and a cool breeze. It is exactly what one needs after slogging and working hard for one full semester.

Auli – To enjoy one of the lesser known places in India, which even provide you the opportunity to ski like you do in Switzerland, stop thinking and pack your bags and head to Auli. Situated in Uttaranchal, this place will win your heart and refresh your soul with snow covered mountains and the dazzling view of the Neelkanth.

Goa – Take a trip with your friends from Mumbai to Goa and then chill on the beaches of this beauty which is topping the charts since the last decade. A little too popular to be an Indian holiday destination, Goa gives you everything you need for that one trip with friends- a place to party, cheap booze, gambling arenas and water sports.

To be able to continue performing well for a long time, we all, even the students, need to take time out and take a trip to a place which refreshes your mind and provides a change. Student life is a crucial phase, but one should not forget that the human body cannot perform well under stress. So, go ahead and visit these places, destress yourself and come back to college life with renewed enthusiasm and vigour.


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