6 Best Student Hangouts in Mumbai City

Student life is probably the best phase in everybody’s life, you are young carefree, you want to chill and party all the time but you are often low on cash. This whole scenario makes it even more exciting. Rationing from the beginning of the month to make sure you have a little cash to spend on your outings with friends is what makes it all the more special. And the memories you make while doing it are priceless. It becomes a part of the routine, hanging out with friends is as essential as breathing or thinking and it helps you function better. And that is precisely where here are the 7 best hangouts that you could try out if you’re a student in Mumbai –



If you want to pocket friendly and have lots of booze while you laugh away to glory with your friends, then this would be the perfect place. Located right next to Bade Miyan, which is famous for its rolls, one could easily drink first at Gokul and then head to have a fulfilling dinner without exceeding their budget.

Toto’s garage


A place with the coolest décor, this place offers a great ambience for a great evening with friends. A smallish place which fills quickly, you need to head to Toto’s garage well in time to secure a place if you want to have a good time. With music playing out of a car and Narcopolis copies available for reading, one could also kill time before their friends show up.

Janta – Cheap and makes you a pakka Mumbaikar, this place has been number one on the list of many localites who prefer to drink in smaller circles. The only problem with this place though is that it is really small and is always packed with people of all categories. So, you know what you need to do if you need cheap booze and great company.

The little door


When the amazing crowd and lots of beer beckons, this is the place you should head to. Famous amongst the young crowd this place is quite a cool place to hang out and has probably the coolest offers once you win a chug competition. Go ahead and check it out yourself.

Candies – If you are one of those who don’t drink but love to have a crazy time talking with friends, Candies is the place you need to head to. With three outlets across Bandra, this place has fans spread all over the city who can vouch for the ambience and the guarantee to have a good time with friends over some mocktails and good food.

Smaaaash – It might be a little costlier than the other places mentioned in this list, but it certainly is a place which college students must go to at least once. One could go and drink and play and have a great time. The place has music, good crowd and amazing games which will keep you and your friends occupied for the whole evening.

College life in Mumbai becomes even more fun because of the lifestyle and the atmosphere of the places in the city. The coolest city ever, Mumbai will give you the best people, places and memories that would last for a lifetime and will make life outside of the city almost non-existent. They are a lot more places like Aer, Ghetto, Sunlight, Jugheads, Pop Tates and various other joints that one could visit and have a superb evening with friends without worrying too much about the bill. Club hopping is another option that is readily available in a place like Mumbai and it has several lounges and cafes that are to die for. Hope you enjoy your college life as much as anybody else. Happy Partying!


  1. Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. If a city refuses to sleep, you can surely make out that this place is the heaven for the party and hangouts. For the lovers of nature like me, I can simply settle around the Gateway of India catching the glimpses of the sea. Also, I loved the Lonavala and Marine Drive too. Must say, if party is life, Mumbai is home to it!


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