6 Car Hacks That Will Just Sort Your Life Out

Cars have become an integral part of our lives. We all spend some time every day in the car to commute from point A to B. There are many car hacks that can make you life very easy. We bring you a list of easy hack that anyone can do for maximum result.

Fogged windows

Fogged windows Car Hacks

With winters round the corner, we all go through the problem of windows being fogged up. While there are car defoggers to take care of the water vapours on the windscreen, they are often not as effective as they should be. Fog on window forms when water vapour condenses on the windscreen. To solve the problem we can use house method to keep the water vapours away from the windscreen. For this, household toothpaste can be used. Clean the windshield and apply toothpaste thoroughly on the windscreen. Take few drops of water on a paper towel and wipe the toothpaste completely. The windscreen stays frost free for a long period of time.

Repair scratches


The scratches on the body of car is just inevitable when driving through city traffic. While it becomes a costly affair to repair even the minor scratches. Well, worry not. Here is an easy solution to hide such scratches. Use a nail polish, closes to the paint shade of your car to hide the scratches successfully. It is cheap and can be reapplied easily.

Tennis ball as parking guide


There are many cars in the market that do not come with rear parking sensors. Well, parking every day at the garage while judging the rear distance can be a hectic task. To make things easier, you can hang a tennis ball from the roof closer to the wall. You will know when to stop when the tennis ball hits your car’s windshield.

Use old shoes as cup holders


Most cars do not come with rear cup holders. To make things much easier, you can use old shoe as a cup holder. You can always become more creative and decorate the shoe so that it does not look like a shoe.

Use google map pin to know parking


We often forget where we have parked our car in huge parking, to solve the issue of going around parking lots searching for your car, you can drop a pin on google maps and come navigate back to the place quickly.

Remove odour from car


We often grab a quick bite during our journey via car. Eating in the car means foul odour spreads across the car and it is very difficult to odour, no matter how much you drive with your windows open. The odour settles inside the fabric of the vehicle and hence, it becomes difficult to remove the smell. You can use dry baking soda along with grinded charcoal to remove such smells easily. Spread the mixture on car seats, floor and keep it overnight. Use a vacuum cleaner to clear the soda and charcoal. Soda absorbs the smell very quickly and your car smells as new.


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