6 Health Tips for Young Mothers

A woman post-delivery is like a water-sagged piece of clothing. She has mighty responsibility on herself but she is also helpless. She requires a lot of care from others. However, some self-care helps as well: ” God only helps those who help themselves” at the end of the day!

Young Mother

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Her health is depleted and weakened. She becomes an easy prey to harmful micro-organisms. She is in a weak state both mentally and physically. Every woman has to undergo this phase and eventually reaches the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some tips that may be of help:-

Read! Read! Read!

“Reading is to mind what exercise is to body,” said Francis Bacon, a renowned essayist of the English language. Reading can be very helpful at such times. She should read literature about parenting or anything of her interest. She should read stories that are delightful and enjoyable preferably. P.G. Woodhouse writes humorously. Comic strips can be read too.

Let the music in!

She should listen to energizing tunes. There are a lot of songs that have hopeful undertones to them. Enya is one such artist. Others that she could listen to include Katy Perry with her ‘Roar’ and Charli XCX. However, these are just suggestions. Any music with or without lyrics can be heard. She could listen to mantras and bhajans also.

Going by the trend ( watching sitcoms)

Sitcoms are a thing these days. They are of all kinds ranging from chick-flicks to serious legality. The most famous one called ‘Friends’ and the like are light and cheering. While she is resting, she should watch whatever suits her interest. Watching them will fasten her recovery.

Taking proper Nutrition

Reading gives nutrition to the mind while food to the body. Proper nutrition at such times is of prime importance. Food rich in anti-toxicants such as those rich in vitamin C should be taken generously. Vitamin C helps in building up immunity and fighting the harmful micro-organisms. Apart from that juices, teas and tisanes (herbal teas) also help to fight depression and sadness.

Working out

Not acrobats and high jumps but relaxing yoga and meditation. Not only yoga but also other light exercises. The deep breathing asanas in yoga are very calming and relaxing. They help to secrete the happy hormones in the body that aid healing. Moreover, there are ample less strenuous asanas that can be done. It is noteworthy here that she should form limits here. The limits will prevent her from straining her body beyond its ability. Straining the body beyond its ability will have adverse affects.

Getting the right kind of Social Support

“Laughter is the best medicine.” She should spend time with her loved ones who will take care of her and provide comfort. The right friends should be chosen who stay cheerful and help her with the same. Joining support-groups is a good idea here!

Following some of these tips or all will take her to the light at the end of the tunnel! What are your views?


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