6 lessons you will learn in your first full time job

Your first full time job not only marks the beginning of your career but also the beginning of a new life. This new life will be full of new people, new experiences and a lot of adventure. Sometimes people love their first job and sometimes they hate it, which just shows that it is more like a journey to find out what you actually like and want to do for the rest of your life.

First Job

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But whatever the case may be, there are these lessons which nobody can ignore.


It is your first job that will teach you the art of patience. Without a doubt, you will be the youngest in the organization, not age wise but experience wise, and because of that you will be given all sorts of jobs. You will be trusted with a lot of work also but the patience will come when you will deal with people who are not necessarily like you. In college and at home, you always have people who understand you. The first job is a place where it won’t be so, you adapt to your surroundings naturally and become more patient in dealing with different kinds of people.

The tricks of the trade

Your seniors will be your gurus. Because you will be a new joinee people will give you gyaan and tips that have helped them sail through for so many years. These tips will mostly start with ‘when I was at your level’ and go in all sorts of directions. Remember to always keep those pearls of wisdom with you, you never know when something might come handy.

Hard work

No matter what kind of a person you are, your first job will teach you how to work hard and show you its advantages also. It is only through hard work that your seniors will be able to see your worth and you will be able to build a good reputation for yourself. Also, you should always keep in mind that hard work can do what flattery cannot.


Being the newest employee, you will never be let off the hook and that will work in your favour too. You will be asked to reach office on time and that will be another reform in your personality. Because of this set of new rules, your personal life will also see reforms and make you a more organized person.

Communication skills

Your first job plays a vital role in brushing up your communication skills. It will be a task to communicate with so many different people who you don’t share a rapport with, at first. But slowly you will devise a strategy so that you can put your point across. You will be able to communicate with almost anybody and everybody after that and that will make your life in general much easier. Dealing with different kinds of people is a knack which comes naturally only to some.

Personality Development

You won’t even realize but all the things will collectively change your personality. You will soon become an independent and a more confident person, who is ready to take on challenges at all times. Your brain will work overtime and you will make great friends at work who will teach you so much more about life.

Your first job, thus, will basically change your life. You will stop taking things for granted. You will realise the importance of time, of having a good rapport with other people, of great communication skills and a confident personality. These changes are bound to happen and will only make you better than what you already are. So, happy working!


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