6 Romantic Vacation Ideas To Surprise Your Girlfriend

A romantic vacation is all it takes to bring your girlfriend a million steps closer to you. The mere idea that you took the effort of planning a trip to make her feel special will sweep her off her feet and give her immense happiness. Girlfriends are usually misunderstood to be people who love gifts and other expensive stuff but the truth is, if you are willing to spend time with her, she will love you more than ever. So, this birthday give your girlfriend the best surprise ever and take her out on a holiday to probably the most romantic place in the country. Here is a list that you could look at before planning the trip.

6 Romantic Vacation Ideas to Surprise Your Girlfriend On Her Birthday


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Pondicherry – Get the perfect beach holiday with your sweetheart with a hint of French feel. A well known romantic tourist destination, Pondicherry is known for the beaches, food and the scenery it provides which takes away all the worries and tensions of the life in a metro. Your girlfriend is sure to start loving your choice of travel destinations too, if you choose Pondicherry for her birthday this year.


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Havelock Island – A perfect place for people madly in love is the Havelock Island, which is a part of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. This island provides the perfect environment you will require to spend time with your loved one. Famous because of its silver sands and turquoise waters, this place will blow your mind and will become the most memorable destination you ever take your girlfriend to.


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Coorg – Well, what could be a better place to take your girlfriend than the ‘Scotland of India’? Show your girlfriend how much she means to you in the middle of hills and an evergreen scenery which is scented by the ever so famous tea and the coffee gardens. A place that will give your relationship a refreshing change, Coorg will bring your girlfriend closer to you like never before.

Srinagar – Probably the best gift that your girlfriend could ever ask for, a trip to Srinagar will bring the peace and the closeness you always wanted in your relationship. From taking in the breathtaking view to spending quiet time on the Dal lake, this place will become home to so many memories that you and your girlfriend will always remember it with a smile on your face.

Jaisalmer – If you are somebody who is sick and bored of the hills and the beaches, head to the desert, I say. Take your girlfriend on an epic trip to Jaisalmer and get lost in the colours and the culture. Visit forts and camp in the Thar desert for the night and express your love under the star-filled sky.

Tawang – The lesser known destination, but captivating as hell, Tawang will win your heart and will make you feel like staying back forever. Home to the lofty mountains, blue sky, lakes and waterfalls, this beauty is located in Arunachal Pradesh and has featured on the list of several adventure lovers. Give your girlfriend something different from the normal run of the mill and win her heart forever.

Giving your loved one the best surprise for their birthday makes one feel happy and content. So this year, make sure you do something really special for your girlfriend and take her on one of the trips of your choice. What could be better than spending time with her in one of the best places in the country and getting to know each other more closely? So go ahead and plan your itinerary. Happy planning!


  1. Love is a beautiful feeling and to create the memories of life with your partner is simply the best thing you can ever achieve. In this stance, planning the outings and vacations for your beloved can reinforce the feeling of love and emotion in the minds of you and your girlfriend. Make sure that you do a lot of things unexpected on any one of these trips or maybe all of them!


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