6 Things to Remember When Teaching Teens about Sex

It can be difficult to talk about sex with your teenager especially in a society in which such discussions are a taboo. In another world, however, your teenage child is watching and hearing all kinds of sex related content. Therefore, it is essential for you to get rid of your inhibitions and talk to your child in a straightforward and honest manner. The information that the child is coming across is unfiltered and could be misleading. So, the responsibility is on your shoulders to educate your child about sex in the right way.

There are a certain things that one should keep in mind when teaching teens about sex. Read on to find out!

No Pangs of Guilt

In his immaturity and lack of knowledge, the child could have indulged in irresponsible sexual behaviour. You should not make him feel guilty for the same. You should deal with your child with compassion still and make him know that you will love him unconditionally. It is normal for teenagers to go astray!

Awareness is Good

Osho says that no awareness is wrong awareness; awareness itself is good. Make yourself aware on all sexual matters and pass on the right knowledge to your child. You must believe that with a little leniency and respect for your teenage child, you will also make him aware and responsible. If dealt with in the right way, the knowledge is unlikely to be misused.

No Inhibitions

Going by the tradition, your parents must have never spoken to you on sexual matters and so you must have developed an inhibition too. However, it is alright to break the traditions once in a while especially if it is for the well-being of your offspring. Talk to your child about the right time and place for having sex, the STDs and how to have safe sex. Let the child trust you for getting advice on such matters.

Understading the Generation Gap

What is normal for your child’s generation might not be normal for your generation. It is here that you will have to become flexible. You will have to exercise your muscle of accepting differences. It is better to be liberal and be able to guide your child correctly than to be someone, the child does not accept in terms of the mindset.

What they do not know

Teenagers do not understand that sex involves an emotional aspect to it. When two people have intercourse, their emotions are involved too. It is a form of expression of love for each other. You need to make your child understand this.

Your child may not Listen to You

It is not necessary that your child abides by the rules that you try to inculcate in him. He may still do things that you do not appreciate. In such a situation, do not give up; keep trying to check the child whenever you get an opportunity to do so. You can change the habits of your child with your patience, kindness and love.


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