6 Tips for a budget trip to Ladakh

Most of us travel junkies have Ladakh on the top of our travel lists. Situated in Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is a destination that you just cannot afford to give a miss. Overflowing with natural beauty, this place is open for visit throughout the year, but the roads are open only from May to October because of the heavy snowfall otherwise. Many travel enthusiasts grace Ladakh with their presence during this time in pursuit of mental peace and adventurous road trips. Ladakh is mainly inhabited by people of Indo-Aryan and Tibetan descent and if you are planning to escape to the hills this summer, believe us, there couldn’t be a better place.

Begin with making a proper itinerary – Start by making a proper itinerary allocating time to each place which you wish to visit. There are various places, you must go to like – Leh, Pangong lake, Khardungla pass. Tsomoriri, Nubra valley, etc. Ideally a 10-day trip should be enough to go around the place and get city-life out of your system. The itinerary will help you in knowing where you will be when, and in searching for the accommodation and mode of travel, well in advance. Following the itinerary should be your first and foremost priority.

Don’t travel during the peak time – Travelling in the less touristy season will help you save a lot as the tariff during this time will be less than the regular tariff. So the ideal time could be either mid or end of May or August/September. The beginning or the end of the tourist season could mark the beginning of your 10-day trip to the hills.

Cost effective accommodation – On the spot accommodation booking might actually help in major cost cutting because online deals are more expensive, always! Also, on the spot booking will help you in keeping a buffer time for contingencies, like – arriving late to your destination. Also, if possible, try and stay in guesthouses because they provide almost the same facilities as a hotel but are cheaper.

The more the merrier – Look for people who may be interested in travelling with you- people you love, your internet friends, distant family or colleagues. Travelling in a group turns out extremely cost effective as the number of people sharing the cost increases. More people will be sharing the room tariff, the travelling cost and other expenses.

Eat and Travel sensibly – Depending on the number of people in your group, you could hire bikes, a taxi, an SUV or a tempo. If there are more than 5 members then we would encourage you to hire an SUV and travel together as splitting the cost will help in managing finances. If you’re alone or there are only two or three of you, then you can easily manage with a bike/bikes or the local transport. While looking for a place to eat always prefer local and small dhabas because they will be cheaper and the food will be fresher. Also, you will get a taste of the local food which can add to your travelling experience.

Air travel – if you are supposed to travel all the way till Leh by air, then it is only sensible if you plan your travel well in advance and keep buffer time while planning your return. The area is prone to several natural calamities like landslide etc, which may delay your return. Also booking the tickets in advance will not pose a threat to your budget. Look for deals which will help you in maintaining a minimum budget.

Unlike any place that you have ever been to before, Ladakh will sweep you off your feet with its breathtaking scenery. But always remember to carry a first aid kit with you. Hope, you have a great vacation. Happy Travelling!

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  1. Ladakh is a travel destination that has it all in its pack to offer to you!
    A fine break from the commercial lives and hectic schedule, this place shows that why is Kashmir- a heaven on the earth.
    These tips seem to be quite apt and useful. No trip can be successful unless the budget is planned fine and health is taken care. However, I feel that people with BP and heart problems must avoid visiting Leh- Ladakh


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