6 Ways to Stay Stress Free and Healthy at Work

Work life has become more competitive than ever before. Tight deadlines, long hours, high expectations and the constant need to be at the top of your game tend to take a toll on the emotional and physical health. The proverbial rate race does not end with scoring a high paying job. In fact, in today’s world, it is just the beginning. Stress is the invariable result of all these factors. Stress, if not taken care in time, can aggravate a lot of health conditions and affect your work as well as personal life.


While some level of stress could to be positive driver, helping you do your job better; you have to know when the condition needs a more serious attention.

Work Smart

Smart workers are people who know how to prioritize work. They know how to get the work done in minimum time without compromising on the quality. Making a to-do list before starting every day works for a lot of people. Having a clear idea of what needs to be done and following a system to achieve that can keep stress from piling up.

Do Not Bite off More than You Can Chew

It is very important to set realistic deadlines for yourself. If something seems completely impossible to achieve, be upfront and raise the concern before taking up the responsibility. It is better to make your superiors know of the constraints beforehand rather than asking for an extension later.

Eat at Regular Intervals

When you have a lot of work to do, it often happens that you forget to eat. Before you know it, it has been hours since you last ate. By this time you are so famished that you want to stuff your mouth with anything that comes your way. Before you know it, it becomes a regular practice. Be mindful of what you eat and eat at regular intervals. Your mind and body will function better.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise helps release positive endorphins that help fight stress and depression. These feel-good chemicals can help you tackle a lot of pressure with relative ease. Your body gets rid of all the harmful toxins and you perform better at work. Sitting in the same place for hours in end and staring at the computer screen without any break does no good to your stress levels. Get up, take a small stroll, drink a glass of water or practice some sitting exercises.

Personalizing Your Desk

Your life does not begin and end at work. You might be the hardest working person on earth, but you still need family and friends to feel normal. Keep photos of your loved ones on your desk. Pin motivational quotes or keep things that make you feel calm near you. When you are overloaded with work and need a break, looking at these things can help you relax in no time.

Socialize with Positive People

You will meet different people from diverse backgrounds at work. Sometimes you have no choice but to work with certain people. However, it is important to surround yourself with people who are positive. The ever-cranky, boss-hating colleague is probably someone you do not want to associate yourself with beyond a point as nothing rubs off faster than negativity.

It is important to be able to segregate your work and personal life. Finish you work on time. While at work, refrain from checking your personal messages or procrastinating. Once you finish work, do what makes you relaxed and happy and do not think of work. Stress can pile up and have fatal results. Follow these tips to stay stress free and healthy at work.

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