7 Awesome Adventure Getaways For Young Couples

India has finally reached a point where adventure has become an essential part of people’s lives. Adventure often gives us something to look forward to, something that excites us and something that drives us to achieve more. The same is with young couples who love to travel and be adventurous while at it. Young couples can actually do a lot more than any of the singles because they always have company, and way more than the older people because their stamina is unbeatable.

So, here are a few places that you must explore with your loved one whenever you plan to take a break from the hectic city life.


First of all, it is one of the lesser explored tourist spots so one must go there to get a good holiday in peace and while at it, one could go caving. Meghalaya has probably the most beautiful caves and gives the people of India a chance to go explore beyond their comfort zone. Again, one of the lesser known adventure getaways, the best part about this trip might just be lack of tourists around you.


If you are one of those who want to scale new heights, Mysore is the place for you. Located in Karnataka, this place provides the once in a lifetime opportunity for people to try their hand at skydiving. Yes, you heard me right, pack your bags and head to Mysore this year to experience the best adrenaline rush of your life. Thank me later!


River rafting is something that can wash away all your worries while you chill for a weekend on the banks of river Ganga. An adventure sport that has been tried and tested by more than half of the population of the country, one should definitely try and do it at least once. Rafting and camping go hand in hand and you will be able to spend those couple of days with your loved one in total bliss.

Bir Billing

Para gliding experience at its best when you come all the way down from the top of the mountains on a parachute. This experience will definitely take your breath away and will leave you wanting more and you might just keep going back every once in a while to do it. Located between the snow capped mountains of Himachal, this place is quite cool for a trek or two also.

Shimla to Leh bike trip

If you are one of those who want to write their own motorcycle diaries, then this route is probably made for you. Take your loved one on a journey of a lifetime and fall deeper in love while you cruise along spotless roads and between the mountains.


The best place for a couple and one could do a lot of water sports while having long walks on the beach. Parasailing to jet skiing and banana boat rides to flyboarding, Goa has a lot more to offer than just chilled beer and great food at the shacks.

Rishikesh, yet again

Rishikesh is back on the list, but for a different reason. Bungee jumping experience that will get your heart in your mouth, but will leave you craving for more. If you and your partner are adrenaline junkies, you know where to head to this year. So, pack your bags and get ready to jump!

There are a lot more places apart from these, that have a lot to offer like Uttrakhand is famous for its treks and Madhya Pradesh has amazing rock climbing getaways. One could explore everything if only they have time and the vision to cover every destination that is in the country.


  1. India is a country that has a lot to offer for the tourists of all the age groups and for all the purposes. For the young couples, I feel Kerala, western ghats and many more places of south India can also be the best places to be at. That apart, the north east India is one of the least explored gem, how about taking your spouse to this beautiful place on earth anytime soon?


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