7 Career options you can choose after graduating in Arts

In the Indian education system, the Humanities/Arts have started gaining momentum and popularity. Today’s world allows an Arts student to explore limitless possibilities, whether it be research, freelance work, privately- owned businesses, or even corporate jobs. Typically, the Humanities stream constitutes subjects like History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, and the languages (Hindi, English, Latin, French etc.) among a variety of others. If you are an Arts Graduate, these are some of the careers you could pursue:


The power of media in today’s world is phenomenal. Its significance remains unparalleled, and it has a huge role to play in the fast changing times. If you are someone who has a knack for keeping abreast of current affairs, have a flair for written/oral communication, and is inquisitive by nature, you could explore this field. This industry requires enthusiastic, talented, and creative people in various fields- news anchoring, creative/content writing/ administration, management, and many others of this kind. While experience is considered to be gold in this industry, you can strengthen your knowledge first by enrolling yourself after class 12th in a college which offers B.A. in Journalism and/or Mass Communication. For post- graduation, certain colleges in India offer an M.A. in the same. Else, you can pursue a post graduate diploma in mass communication after B.A. or any other bachelor’s degree.


In case academics is your forte, you may want to choose this option. The possibilities are endless in research, while teaching as a profession is most preferred as well as noble profession. At graduation level, you can pursue B.A. in a subject/s of choice. This can be followed up by a post- graduation degree such as M.A in the same, if you choose to improve your grasp on the subjects. Post this, you can choose to be a researcher by working on an M.Phil. and/or Ph.D. In case you wish to teach, you may pursue B.Ed./M.Ed./UGC-NET and start teaching in a school/college/university.


After gaining a bachelor’s/master’s degree in Arts, you can vie for a post in the renowned Indian Civil Services. This path requires hard work and patience, but the rewards and the life that lies ahead is well worth it. It is a most sought after career. UPSC includes a large number of Arts subjects in its list of optional subjects for the Mains papers (Papers II and III) in the UPSC/MPSC examinations. This allows you to seek a coveted position in the Civil Services cadres such as the IAS, as you are tested in a subject which you are already more than familiar with.

  1. LAW

The field of law is quite popular amongst students of Humanities. Legal advisors and staff are required by most of the organizations today, be it public or private. Traditional form of law practice in courts has undergone major development. Corporate houses, KPOs, BPOs, administrative services, law agencies, and law firms have a heavy demand for good lawyers. As a lawyer, you would be expected to be a good orator, be patient and attentive, think out of the box, and have a reasonable amount of intelligence. To gain admission in some renowned institutions for Law courses in India, you may wish to appear for the following entrance exams:  CLAT (Common Law Admission Test), LSAT (Law School Admission Test), DU LLB/LLM (for Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, SET Symbiosis (Symbiosis Entrance Test), and ULSAT (UPES Law Studies Aptitude Test). You can decide to study either B.A.+ L.L.B. integrated course or L.L.B course (after graduation).This can be followed up by an L.L.M (Masters in Law).


The world of advertising and PR is a lucrative field these days. Not only do these fields provide creative satisfaction, they also provide good remuneration as one steps up the ladder. One must keep in mind though, that this field entails a high pressure environment which can be quite challenging and taxing for the professional involved. If you are target oriented, driven, possess good communication and leadership skills, and can master the art of persuasion, you will do well in this field. Job prospects are rich in this industry. To get into Ad and PR, an Arts college graduate may pursue a professional diploma course in the same subjects, or even a degree/diploma in mass communication/journalism.


Today’s fashion savvy world has a huge demand for fashion designers, merchandisers, and stylists. Those employed in this field do so much more than just design clothes. They study fashion trends, interact with manufacturers or trade shows to get samples of fabric, select fabrics, work with designer teams, market designs to clothing retailers or directly to consumers and a host of other works. It is a demanding and challenging job, which requires a good amount of patience and hard work. However, it is one of the best fields for people who possess genuine talent in context of clothes and styling. Your passion for fashion will decide on how far you go, and sky is the limit for aspiring artists. You may get into textile design, footwear design, jewellery design and various such by- fields, depending on your interest. The best way to begin is by getting a professional bachelor’s degree in fashion design or merchandising. There are professional as well as post graduate diplomas available in this subject. Gaining valuable internships under the right brands or designers is the best way to start establishing yourself in this competitive field.


With globalisation at its peak, there is no dearth of professionals in demand in India who are fluent in international languages besides English. For smooth and effective communication in cross- country transactions, professionals with good knowledge of foreign languages are required by various organisations and agencies. The scope for progress and remuneration in this field is remarkable, as are the growth prospects. This kind of job requires high levels of concentration and a good amount of hard work. Positions in this field include but are not limited to diplomatic service professional, language trainer, translator in public/private sector (including MNCs), research associates, and freelance writer. One can start learning a foreign language at any age and at any level, be that school or college levels. The most professional way to go about it is in two ways-

  1. Graduation (B.A.) Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Foreign Language
  2. Graduation & Post-graduation (B.A. /M.A.) in foreign language, which can be followed by a Ph.D. in the same at selected universities in India or abroad.


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