7 Career options you can coose after graduating in Science

With a wide array of options in careers available these days, the sky is the limit for the modern day Indian student. While this implies a host of flexible opportunities, it also means a lot of confusion.

science career options

Here are some interesting career options you may pursue as a Science graduate, based on your individual interests and capability:

  1. Medicine

If you are interested in the human anatomy, or are interested in the field of medicine, you may choose to be a doctor. Being a doctor is a noble responsibility. The obvious career choice is opting for MBBS and then MD/M.S, and continuing on the conventional path. However, that is not the only way. You can also pursue excellent courses in:

  • Nursing (B.Sc in Nursing/Diploma in Nursing)
  • Ayurveda (B.A.M.S followed by MD)
  • Veterinary Sciences (B.V.Sc)
  • Dentistry (B.D.S followed by M.D.S)
  • Homeopathy (B.H.M.S)

For this career, you would need Biology as subject at 12th class level.

  1. Research/ Teaching

If you are someone whose forte is academia, this path is ideal. At graduation level, you can pursue B.Sc in Science subjects like Botany, Micro- biology, Zoology, Physics, and Chemistry. This can be followed up by a post- graduation degree such as M.Sc in the same subjects. Post this, you can choose to be a researcher by working on an M.Phil and/or Ph.D. In case you wish to teach, you may pursue B.Ed/M.Ed/UGC-NET. Biology may/may not be essential as a subject in class 12th for this option.

  1. Biotechnology

Biotechnology simply refers to technology based on biology. It harnesses cellular and bimolecular processes to develop technologies and products. This is pursued for the improvement in health of our planet and of human beings in general. Biotechnology has a wide variety of career opportunities ranging from sales and marketing/R&D/Manufacturing and Quality control amongst others. If you enjoy science and technology, maths, and also have a creative or constructive side to your personality, this is a good option. For this, you may pursue a B.Sc in Biotechnology which can be followed by either an M.B.A or an M.Tech in Biotechnology. This is a relatively new and upcoming field with a variety of career opportunities, especially abroad. Maths and Biology in 12th are essential for this option.

  1. Engineering- B.Tech/ B.E

If you have graduated with PCM/PCMB, Engineering is a viable option. For this purpose, you may opt for a B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) degree, or a B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) degree. B.E is more theoretical and knowledge based, while B.Tech is more practical and skill based. Both the options offer a host of job opportunities. B.Tech in India is offered in many fields such as Mechanical, Industrial, Chemical, IT, Electrical, Marine engineering (Merchant Navy courses) and several others. Post B.E/ B.Tech, you can look for opportunities in Government services, Marine engineering, defence forces, and the teaching line. Otherwise, you can also pursue higher studies- M.Tech/M.S/ M.B.A, and look for research work or jobs in the public/private sector.

  1. Civil Services

After graduating in Science, you can vie for a post in the renowned Indian Civil Services. This path requires hard work and patience, but the rewards and the life that lies ahead is well worth it. Engineering students may appear for the Engineering Services Examination (ESE) is conducted by the UPSC for recruitment to the Indian Engineering Services. It is a most sought after career. You may also choose the option of appearing for the UPSC/MPSC examinations after graduation and seek entry in the Civil Services cadres such as the IAS.

  1. Architecture

If fields of study such as landscape architecture, urban planning, urban design, property and construction interest you, a bachelor’s degree in architecture (B.Arch) is a good option. It is a 5 year long course in India, and provides a professional degree. Architecture is both a very competitive and a coveted career option. You may follow it up with masters in Architecture (M.Arch) or a job or both.

  1. Defence Services

As a Science graduate, you have a host of options in which you can join the Indian Army/Air Force/Navy. You may join as a technical entry, which gives you direct entry for SSB (without giving the CDSE). You may also apply for the Flying Branch (Air Force Pilots) in the Indian Air Force, which requires you to have passed Physics and Maths in Class 12th. The various ways in which you can join the Indian Army has been mentioned in detail in our previous article How to Join the Indian Army as an Officer. You can make excellent use of your technical knowledge and skill in safeguarding and serving your own country.

Each career option is rich in terms of knowledge and opportunities for growth. It all depends on which option you feel matches best with your aptitude and interests. Do remember that no career path is easy, and hard work is the key to success in any field that you may choose. Take time to weigh your options and choose wisely. All the best.


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