7 Communication Barriers We Face in a Relationship


Communication is the key to the lock called interpersonal relationship! However, sometimes you just do not know how to turn the key or use the wrong key. These are the barriers to communication.They are:-

Communication Barriers We Face in a Relationship

Lack of Trust

A lack of trust could happen due to some past unpleasant experience the person has undergone; an experience in which the person’s trust got broken. Consequently, the person has difficulties in trusting someone else again. It could also happen due to a natural disposition of a person wherein the person is doubtful about everyone. Trust is the most important aspect of an interpersonal relationship. If you trust the other person, only then will you be able to be intimate with the person. Lack of trust creates an invisible wall between the two people. If you cannot trust the person, the relationship is meaningless.


Oftentimes, a person’s esteem interferes in and prevents clear communication. The person might be unable share things with the other person for fear of being judged. A low self-esteem may cause the other person to think that her needs are less important in the relationship. Therefore, she would stay mum about those things. Ultimately, this could brew dissatisfaction in her and keep her unhappy in the relationship. Relationships are meant to give happiness!


A woman coming from such a background behaves like this or is like this. Stereotyping smothers the relationship between the two people. It creates a film between the two people. Due to this, they fail to see each other for what they are. This is a barrier to clear understanding of each other’s personalities and hence, communication. The person will share or withhold things from the other person accordingly.

Physical Distance

This is more crucial in a long distance relationship. People in long distance relationships have to face the barrier of physical absence. This has lessened due to advancement in technology. There are websites that enable face-to-face interaction between people. However, this cannot replace the importance of physical presence!

Power imbalance

Power in a relationship comes due to financial resources, social connections and physical appearances. Many a times, if there is a power imbalance, one of the persons might always feel suppressed. She could be intimidated by her spouse and not speak out what is on her mind for fear of the consequences. Apart from this, some people even consciously assert their power in an inter-personal relationship. This is a big no-no for a healthy and happy relationship.


Sometimes clashes arise due to assumptions made in certain situations. A person has not been picking up the phone probably means that he is with his friends. It could be that the person is unwell. This could lead to unfortunate clashes and arguments in the relationship.

Time clashes and other distractions

Time clashes are very common in today’s face-paced lives. People are unable to communicate with each other due to a shortage of time. Distractions caused due to excessive use of mobile phones or other gadgets (even when the other person is around) cause another blinding barrier!


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