7 Differences Between Love and Friendship

Love is universal; love is timeless; love is infinite. Both Lady Love and Lady Friendship have love in common.  However, the nature of the two is different in many ways. Some of these differences are:

Love and Friendship

Physical Intimacy

You know this one. Physical intimacy becomes a very important aspect of a romantic relationship. It becomes one of the ways in which the two people express themselves. It brings the two people closer and more intimate.

On the other hand, friendship connects the minds and spirits of the two people without involving the body. If love is eating the whole fruit, friendship is peeling the fruit.


If you are in love with someone, this person becomes the most important person of your life. Your life is impacted greatly in this manner. You take your decisions keeping in mind this special person. ( I know you have someone on your mind!) Your friend may or may not be a priority in your life.


Romantic relationships almost come with the impact of an earthquake. You experience different levels of it. The first one being considered the most beautiful one which is often equated with a ‘Teenage Dream’ (Listen to Katy Perry’s number)  To the contrary, friendships can either become stronger or weaken but are without any levels.


The bag of responsibilities in the case of a romantic relationship is heavier than the in friendships. You will agree with me here. You are obliged to keep the person in your mind; communicate with the person regularly; most importantly, you work hard to grow a beautiful relationship.

Age Difference

In the case of friendships age is not a bar. You can form friendships from all the possible generations around you. Age does not even matter! However, in the case of romantic relationships, it has been scientifically proven, age gap matters unless it is a matter of four-five or less years.


Generally, friendships are based on equality. There are no power struggles. The rules of friendship are the same for all. Romantic relationships involve a power-play in which either of the persons is more powerful than the other. This difference could due to reasons such as education level, financial resources and social status.


And finally, the expectations from a person who is your life partner are much higher than a friend’s. These expectations often hurt you.

Young Couple India

According to Meredith Baker, a journalist,

” Based on our significant other’s reaction and response to our love, we wonder if we are worthy of their love or we confuse unsound foundations of trust and communication with being terrified of what it would mean to lose this person or have them choose someone else over us.”

The chances of getting hurt in a romantic relationship are much higher than in a friendship. And you know why!

Both the kinds of love that a person receives and gives are a part and parcel of life and should be cherished. Who are the people you value the most in your life for their love?


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