7 Effective ways to stop ragging in College Campuses

Ragging is prevailing in the country since a long time now, no doubts there are laws by our side in order to prevent any kind of victimization but the question that refuses to defuse is what can we do on our parts to fight this social evil? The law and order in going to act once the deeds are done but can we, as a society, and as the young crowd of the generation add our bit with an aim of prevention? The answer is YES because at times prevention is much better than the cure. So here are several basic guidelines in order to prevent ragging from strengthening its root in college. Here is a list of effective ways to stop Ragging in colleges are :

1. Counselor – Most of the students aren’t that open with their parents to talk about the ordeals that they are going through. Each college must have a counseling cell with the friendliest teacher on the board. Counselors can help the student to open up and talk about their sufferings.

2. CCTV – Lately some of the colleges are installing this move of technology but we believe that each and every college must have CCTV cameras installed in classrooms, washrooms, corridors, and playgrounds and so on. Knowing that we are being watched it is tough to rag a junior.

3. Interactions – Interactions and discussions are important especially on topics like ragging. The college can arrange time to time interactive sessions of junior and senior students on different issues. These will them in bonding well in their college years and beyond.

4. Punishments – Ragging occurs when the culprit knows the lenient nature of the college, while on the other hand if the punishments are made stringent it would be tough for the culprit itself. After all who would like to get into trouble knowing that the punishment is going to take hell out of them?

5. Depicting the reality – Most of the students take ragging as fun little realizing its effect on the victim. Hence, the college can actually arrange a documentary or video making competitions on such topics only to make them realize the kind of pain that the victim could suffer. There might be physical scars that are visible but for an in-depth notion, it is vital to make students sensitive about the issue.

6. Anti-Ragging Squad – College teachers can arrange a team that would fight against ragging within the college premises. This team should be consisting of students pertaining to different grades, genders and social economical background.

7. Taking parents in the loop – Parents can play a larger role in taking their own ward into confidence. Teachers and parents can actually club themselves together and find the way out of situation. Any disturbed behaviors of the student should be reported to their parents immediately and vice versa.

The complications arises out of ragging cold be beyond someone’s imagination because nobody can truly predict what how and when would the victim react. The outcome of consisting mental and physical torture is going to horrendous and that is why it is better to be safe now than being sorry later.


  1. In my opinion, ragging can not be effectively curbed until you instill it in the minds of the students. Once you are successful in making the students gather the ill-effects of ragging, your checks like CCTV, anti-ragging team etc will be effective. This can be done via means of seminars, counseling sessions, posters and an awareness campaign. Also, execution of strict laws irrespective of any biased treatment can settle the job.

  2. Hi Shweta
    Thanks for Sharing These Guide
    I really don’t understand why people tend to enjoy these stupid things. A question comes to mind How to react during Ragging? Humiliating others for your Own Short time of pleasure is not only a crime but your inner soul Never allows you do something like that with someone and nor you can watch it happening with someone.


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