7 Habits That Make Everyone Hate You On Social Media

Your page on social media is like your digital persona. It is an illusory personality that you create every moment: when you post a picture, when you check-in somewhere and when you write something.

You may take a possessive stand of all your content and become defensive of it. Unfortunately, the crystal clear reality is: some of your content does elicit dislike and even hatred.


Seven of such habits are:-

Aggravating Content

The media is full of news that is capable of arousing the anger, discontent and grudges of the audience. Such information can prove to be dangerous and igniting! Not every person will appreciate such content. Such content might become the reason why someone would remove you from their friends’ list.

Strange Poses

Some people try to imitate the poses of celebrities. They might even exaggerate the gestures while posing. You could become a laughing stock or be disdained because of your strange poses. Simple is sophisticated. If you want to pose, strike a simple one.

Berating Someone else

This is a common occurrence. Some people choose to do away with their personal grudges through social media. They will write a berating status or put a scorning troll for the person. The same is often done for organizations. Not only are you hurting the self-esteem of the other person but also your own credentials.

It is unhealthy to bear grudges against and be prejudiced against someone; using social media to give vent to your resentment is utterly unacceptable. Nobody wants to know how you are prejudiced against someone else.

Boastful Content

Some people put updates on social media for everything that they have purchased: their new car, their new phone and their new payjama. Some people are extremely boastful about their achievements too. It is a common practice to add the degree to the name of the person for everyone to know.

You should let people know of your achievements but draw the line between the territory of informing and the territory of showing-off.


It is a little irritating to know where you went and when all the time. If you are at a place that is out-of-the-world; at a place renowned for its aesthetics, people would be interested to know. However, if you repeatedly do this for every place you go to, you will be scorned at. People will also lose their curiosity about where you are. You do not want to be dismissed like that!

Dumping your Personal Information

There is certain information that should be revealed and certain information that should not be. Generally, this handled by the social media website. However, you should not go overboard with that. What you ate when you went somewhere or the time you sat down to work are some things that people would not want to know on a social media platform.

Excess of self-portraits

Uploading every selfie that you click in every pose can become a nuisance esp. for the people who see you every day. This is a sure-shot repellent that you must use only if you want to repel the pests!

What are the other ways in which you think you could be the centre of dislike on social media? Do share!


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