7 Qualities of a Gentleman Cadet that everyone Should Have

“Being a male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. Being a Gentleman is a matter of choice.”
– Anonymous

Who doesn’t admire a man in uniform? There’s something about his crisp attire, his shining medals and the charm he exudes, which makes heads turn. However, simply donning a uniform does not make any man an idol for the masses. What make him extraordinary are his characteristic qualities and his concern for the welfare of his countrymen.


Image source : HindustanTimes

The same holds true for a Gentleman Cadet. A trainee, on admission to the Indian Military Academy is referred to as a Gentleman Cadet until his Passing-Out Parade. His name itself has the word ‘gentleman’ in it. Needless to say, a Gentleman Cadet has qualities which each one of us should not just look up to, but also take inspiration from.


The IMA expects its graduates to uphold the highest moral and ethical values. With the result that Gentleman Cadets are probably the most polite and well- mannered men you will ever come across. Their sophisticated and refined demeanour reflects how cultured they are. They treat seniors, women, and children with utmost respect. Who wouldn’t want to be treated in such a fine manner?


Ever the discerning man, a Gentleman Cadet will most often be found in attire which is as decorous as his behaviour. His manner of dressing is tasteful and debonair. He looks prim and proper at all functions, reflecting how well groomed he is. Cropped hair, well- tailored clothes, clean shaven, and high standards of personal hygiene- he always shines. Remember how polished Hrithik Roshan becomes in Lakshya? Yes, so do the girls. So suit up!


Having been trained for the harshest of conditions in life, a Gentleman Cadet knows how to make the most of any situation. He is practical and can make optimum use of available resources to tackle any obstacle that comes his way. Training one’s mind to always be positive is an excellent way to overcome any hurdle in life- on the battleground, or off it. Moreover, he lives each moment to the fullest. Living in the moment, and enjoying fully, is a wonderful quality. Such an outlook is absolutely necessary in today’s world. So go on, embrace life.


Who can be more selfless than a man who is willing to die for his own country? A Gentleman Cadet’s generosity of heart and altruistic concerns are inspiring, to say the least. He has single- minded devotion towards the welfare of his nation and no amount of criticism can deter him from his path. Keeping personal goals and emotions aside, he works for ‘the greater good’. One can’t help but wish for the self to be this spirited and big- hearted.


If there is anyone who embodies the secular spirit of India in the best way, it is the Gentleman Cadet. All Gentleman Cadets in the IMA hail from diverse backgrounds. The Academy moulds these differences and cultivates a flavour of common bonding amongst them. No Gentleman Cadet is used to preferential treatment on the basis of anything- be it caste, class, religion or race. Such a spirit of unity needs proliferation across the country. All are equal and should be treated so. This prejudice- free attitude of the Gentleman Cadet is commendable. Think about it.


Gentleman Cadets take good care of their health. This means not just physical, but also mental well- being. No matter how stressful or gruelling one’s work is, daily exercise routines are indispensable for long term benefits for the body. A Gentleman Cadet is fit enough to run, jump, climb, and scuttle around. What one can absorb from this aspect is that keeping fit and active is a must for all. Nurture your physique and your mental potential.


Discipline and obedience are two cardinal principles which a Gentleman Cadet swears by. True discipline denotes abiding to a set routine as a personal habit, not only under supervision. A Gentleman Cadet does not let distractions hinder him from his path or goals. He exercises, works, eats, and sleeps according to a set pattern that is good for his body. This quality can help anyone in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is the key to happiness. Discipline is the difference between good and great. So why not follow it and enrich your life?

Indeed then, there is a lot we can learn from our young cadets. So more power to them, and more power to you too!


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