7 Reasons Why Best Friends Make Good Life Partners

If love is the knot that ties two people together in the end, friendship is the pair of strings that run together and finally makes the knot. Is it not better then to not to be bound just by the knot but be together like the two strings?

good life partners

This is what it is like to have a life partner who has been and is also your best friend. There are ample reasons why your cherished best friend will make a good life partner. Some of them are :-

‘A family that prays together stays together.’

You two have formed happy and unhappy memories together. You two enjoy each other’s company. Most probably, you two have common interests and do some activities together; it could be your job, sports or social work. This common basis gives a strong foundation to the relationship. That person becomes important to you.

Greater Acceptance

The key to a successful relationship is the acceptance of the other person’s good and bad. While being friends, you learn to accept each other’s faults and even learn to laugh at them. You form a healthy and loving relationship while accepting the personalities of each other.

Open Communication

With friends, you have less barriers of communication and less personal boundaries. You become habitual to discuss issues that you may not discuss with your other half otherwise. When your best friend is your life partner, you are bound with her in both the ways.  The person is more important to you.

Strong Support

A true friend stands by you through thick and thin. He supports and encourages you professionally and emotionally. He also brings out your good qualities. This support is invaluable for your life. It is something that no other person will be able to give you.

Greater Understanding

You have spent ample time with each other: as best friends and perhaps even more than that. You have been with each other through the journeys of darkness and of light. You understand each other well. Your best friend probably understands you like no one else. He makes you feel comfortable. Why else do you prefer to be with him than with anyone else?

More Trust

You understand each other well and know each other through and through. You have spent time with his friends as his friend. You know them well. You are familiar with not only him but also his social circle. Consequently, you trust him more.

More Lasting

In a relationship, after the initial phase of butterflies and pixie dust, the lustre wears off. During this second phase, you start seeing the person for what he or she really is: a real human being and not a magician. At this stage, patience and friendship make the relationship last. In case your best friend is your beloved, such a stage would not arrive and even if it does, it will soon pass away!

A best friend loves you “for all that you are, all that you have been and all you are yet to be.” Can such a friend ever make a bad life partner?


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