IndianYouth.Net is an an Open and apolitical platform for the youth to voice their opinions for the betterment of India. We thrive on news and feed on scenarios, we create awareness and foster growth with a sole purpose to help the Indian youth reach its true potential.

Contrary to the popular belief, we’re not just another website that talks about youth related issues. We, at Indian Youth , put in our head, heart and soul into getting a deeper insight of what life really is for the youth of India and how can it get better. We focus on the positives which is why all our content is directed at making the nation a better one.

We, at the IndianYouth.Net , took a unanimous decision to dig deep inside the problem and find a solution. Because According to us – Winners always look for solutions, losers search for an escape, and we have decided to act like a winner. We have decided to act and change the situation by providing solutions. We have decided to use the power of internet constructively to fulfill our aim and serve our purpose. We do not follow a particular strategy while putting out our posts which means we try to touch as many souls as we can and we wish to continue doing the same and be a part of the glorious life the people of this country are leading. The biggest factor that makes The Indian Youth what it is, is the fact, that most of the writers are young and vibrant and the posts come from first hand experience, which the readers can easily relate to.

We began our journey with a vision to make life simpler for the youth of the country by writing about the most commonly faced issues which are otherwise spoken about in hush voices or behind closed doors. Also, we wish to show the youth that they are not the only ones who face the struggle every day, we may or may not be able to give the perfect advice but we do have the ability to provide the perfect support. And with that endeavor, we promise we would continue sending out verdicts about practically anything under the sun because this is not just a place where people test their writing skills. It is a place where people connect with humans of their kind and help them get by life by providing a little gyan and a lot more real talk. We don’t just faff, we strive to motivate people to get up, take action and astound the world.

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