Aggression in Youth

The youngsters these days are aggressive and get irritated over very small things. We notice a sea change in the behavior of youth a decade back and in the present days. This doesn’t mean that the earlier generation was better or could do anything different to what the present day youths do. Every generation see their share of progress and limitation. But behavioral aspect is something that needs a check. The potential power if diverted towards a deserving spot can work magic whereas if left unguided can go astray.


We probably have the world’s largest and vigorous workforce including women who stand by the same token with men in most of the fields if not all. And this, itself, speaks for us. We the Indians are not only good with muscle power but also have left remarkable impressions in the field of literature, science and technology; sports and services, our young brains are in a great demand abroad. With the recent examples of top management being headed by our people in diversified sectors we see a great potential for our future generation to lead the rest of the world. All we need is to try.

While on one hand the youth have the ability and capacity to channelize themselves towards positivity we witness them getting involved in outrageous acts, leave alone the regular street-fights or college rages, they get involved into atrocious felonies often resulting in a dark future.

It just takes a moment of antagonism and leaves behind guilt forever.

We often see that at a tender age the child becomes abusive and aggravated over little things. The parents either become too strict to check this behavior or too lenient and friendly to avoid the crisis. In every household the head of the family tries to make sure that the family is given the best of everything. But at some point or the other, the demands of the children mostly at an adolescent age and the provisions are controlled, either because of financial aspects or because of logical aspects. The reasons and yearnings witness conflicts mostly between parents and adolescent children and due to the generation gap it results into communication gap, loneliness and finally depression. Mostly for the children in the teenage, the world turns upside down when parents want them to focus on their studies and career options they are busy with an imaginary world where they feel isolated and left out being unheard.

Adolescence is the most delicate phase; it contributes the most in a person’s development as a whole.

We notice physical changes, Emotional Challenges and Behavioral changes in the children between 10-14 years of age-group. And parents and elders should pay attention to these triggers. Also it is for the children to discuss things openly with their parents whenever they find things not going well in their lives. They should know that parents are the best confines.

Being rude, arrogant, unresponsive, introvert or extrovert suddenly is not natural casually but it had a lot of things associated and who knows better than the young adults who have recently come out of this emotional phase of life. So the youth power can actually accelerate the country’s growth in a positive direction. It only takes a spark to get a fire going and which can be a better spark than the nation’s promising youth?

What can be the role of youngsters to bridge the gap between the two generations so that the behavioral issues can be addressed in a better way?

  1. The youth can counsel.
  2. The youth can guide the generation next in a friendly way.
  3. Youth can and should learn from their mistakes and set positive examples rather than the other way round.
  4. The youth icons should set positive examples. Positive news should be read and spread.
  5. A psychotic public figure should be boycotted and condemned and should be reported to regulating bodies rather than being praised and supported. There by setting better examples for the future generations.

If someone notices a communication gap it should be immediately addressed as such communication gaps and misunderstandings result in insecurity and negative thinking and often an aimless life. This may witness severe consequences. Often the anti-social elements use emotional ways to control the tender minds for their own benefits.

Responsibility and onus should be taken by the like-minded people; even a single change agent can restructure the mindsets and societal norms. One should pledge not to involve in wrong, neither support wrong. Often a no one’s business becomes everyone’s business in no time. So being a good Samaritan and a good friend, guide and individual is the need of the hour.

We often blame a person’s company for his/her arrogance; can’t this blame be overruled by trying to replace the blaming by an appreciation? Is it that difficult to be a torch-bearer for a better tomorrow?

The present decade and the previous, has seen the best days of technological augmentation of the nation. The youth today is more capable and capacitated. They are literate, well brought up, provided with better opportunities and options as well as equipment. The only thing required at the moment is to drive the youth forces to the right direction. Anyone and everyone can earn, and make a living and a fortune but by what means is what counts. Respect is mutual and we reap what we sow so a matured outlook towards life is needed and the youth today is certainly matured and intelligent enough to decide what is good and what is not. Using technology and facilities for a better world is always advisable over misuse of gadgets and flairs. The choice rests in hands of the youth to which direction do they want to steer the nation. With 65% youth working with a goal to outshine the already expounded we can ensure a developed and robust nation in no time. It is all about the will to find a way out against all odds and being the change that one wants to see.

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