Are Social networking sites a waste of time for career oriented youth?

Social media has become such an integral part of our lives, that we will be unable to shun it even if our life depended on it. From the time when we used to go through the effort of switching on the PC and logging into our account, to just tapping on an icon to see what’s happening, the times have helped us get more and more addicted to the social media. The social media itself has left no stone unturned to keep the people interested in knowing and using it more. It has started giving information, career options, sales, blogs, news, advertisements, you name it and it is already going viral. So, knowing how much the social media has actually helped in our development, why do we think it is just a waste of time? Here may be a few reasons for that!


Social media a waste of time

1. It keeps you disconnected from the real world, many times the youth is so engrossed in their phones or laptops that they forget that the world around them exists anymore. They live dual lives and are more interested in one on the cyber space.

2. It is really tempting to not use the social media in a lucrative way, we all know we could gather a lot of knowledge by using it correctly, but we choose to use it otherwise, finding love, gaming, to avenge somebody’s doing and to just watch porn or spam other people’s walls and messages. I am not saying all of this is wrong, but too much of all of this is certainly not helpful.

3. The conventional idea that no matter what the child is doing on the internet, it has nothing to do with his education, knowledge or mental development, also has a huge role to play in this. No matter what you say, your parents will not believe that social media is actually helpful.

How is social media beneficial?

Expand your mental Horizon – Just FYI! There is more to social media than just Facebook and Twitter, there are professional sites like LinkedIn, which help people in making connections and getting a job, there is practically a site for everything that you want to do. But we choose to look other ways, now whose fault is that?

Make a career using the social Media – Yep, it is not a myth, people have started making a lot of money thanks to the social media. Some of the most intellectual and sharp brains of our country are encashing the popularity of social media while you yell at your son for spending too much time on Facebook.

Social media is actually promoting the Economy – People who understand the market and the social media will say that social media has helped in increasing the economy of the nation. It helps people in finding jobs, many people are working as social media executives, people advertise to increase their business and pay money for the same, and every app that you have ever used has engineers and talented minds working behind it.

Social media gives you Exposure – Sitting in a small corner of the world, a person can know everything that is happening all around the world just by logging onto a social networking site. Social media doesn’t filter the news, people are candid and truthful, sometimes a little too truthful but it helps. People also get to know about various artists, book fairs, fests, places, and other ideas which were unknown to them. So social media gives you great insight which is full of exposure.

Everything in this world has a flip side, I agree, but that flip side doesn’t always have to be bad or ugly. Here, in this case, the social media clearly has more advantages than cons, the whole situation depends on the person using it as to how he/she chooses to benefit from it. So social media may not be an utter waste of time unless you make it so.


  1. If you ask me, yes and no. Social media sites are not a waste of the time for the career-oriented youth. If the youngsters are clear with the goal in mind, there is no power that can keep them away from their target. However, distraction is the general human psychology which marks the doom. There are many on a hand who plan to make millions from the social media while other lose them. It is all about how one reacts to same.


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