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Audi A4 is the brand’s best seller in India. Even though the company has cheaper models in India, nothing beats the sales figure of the A4.  Audi has launched the all-new A4 in India. Codenamed as B9, it car was unveiled last in June last year but took a lot of time to reach India. It now comes with a smaller only petrol engine, but it looks more or less similar as the last model of the car. Let’s find out what’s new in the new A4 and if it is worth your money.

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The A4 has always carried this sense of premium feeling with itself. The new car has been based on the new MLB Evo platform. Audi has changed the car subtly and it looks ultra modern now. The headlamps are now dual stage LED Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs) that look spectacular and give the A4 a new identity. The tail lamp set-up is also all-new and gets dynamic sweeping indicators similar to the bigger Audi models like the R8 and the Q7.

Car’s bodyline and outline gets minimal changes. The creases are now much deeper and the shoulder line of the new A4 is much stronger.

Keeping up with the subtle updates, the new Audi A4 also gets a larger grille, bigger alloy wheels and chrome garnish on the front grille and the portions around the front fog lamps.

Audi claims that this A4 is sleeker than before and has a drag coefficient of just 0.25, which is lowest in the segment. It helps the car to cut through air more efficiently and increases the fuel efficiency.

The car weighs only 1,450 kg which is very light given the number of equipment it carries. The new A4 is available with 5 colors – Ibis White, Mythos Black, Florest Silver, Moonshine Blue and Tango Red.


The new A4 looks fabulous and feels very premium too. The modern age virtual cockpit system now comes to the A4. The virtual cockpit just has a big LCD screen that changes appearance according to driving style and need of the driver. It can show numerous things and is highly customizable. It is something that is from the future and will be loved by every single person who spends some time with the new A4.

Apart from this, Audi A4 also gets an 8.3-inch MMI screen in the middle of the dashboard. It now supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto and like the Q7, the A4 also gets a touch pad in the centre for handwriting recognition and character input. It does not stops here, the new A4 also gets a wireless mobile charger!

The rear seats now have more space and also get new features like temperature controllers, cigarette lighter, window blinds, LED reading lights, and stowage space. The boot comes with a space of 480-litre, that should be ample for an average family’s weekend plan.

Engine and drive

The new A4 comes only with a small 1.4-litre petrol engine. The small turbocharged four-cylinder engine produces a maximum of 150 BHP only. It is mated to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission and can take the car from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.5 seconds. The small engine misses the gush of the larger capacity engines. However, this one comes with an ARAI figure of 17.84 km/l, which is incredible.

Should you buy it?

At a starting price of Rs. 38.1 lakh, you get the base variant with a lot of features missing from the car. If you want the top variant, you will have to spend Rs. 41.2 lakh. Audi A4 being an expensive car does not offer the kind of performance like its competitors. It is more of a all-show business. If you want faster cars, you should look for competitors like the BMW 3-Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. You can even wait for the diesel version of the car, that will be more powerful but will carry a fatter price tag!


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