Why Australia and New Zealand are the favorite Study Abroad Destinations of Indian Students ?

Australia and New Zealand are one of the most preferred destinations for the students in Indian to earn the education degrees. Having numerous top ranked universities, both of these countries and their environment suits the Indian students comfort level.


So, what are the factors that provoke Indians to apply for the student visas in bulk to study in these two countries? Let us find out:

Academic Environment

Both the countries offer an eminent studying environment for the native as well as the foreign students. Offering almost all the courses in professional, vocational and academic studies, the universities, and the colleges are well established. The technical development over the years in the education of these countries also adds the bonus to help them bring the engineering students. A global environment offering a holistic growth on the academic front is what makes these two favourable!

Worldwide recognition of the degree

One of the most important aspects of graduating from any country is the acceptance in the global market. Both, New Zealand and Australia, offers the quality education affirmed by the respective governments. Apart from the government recognition, the graduates of these two nations are considered to be modern and practical simply because of the curriculum they have followed. The prime employers of the world are eyeing them for the sake of getting their jobs done!

Relaxed visa rules

The visa rules of these countries are a cherry to the top of a cake for any young student aspiring to study here. You are always given one chance at the least and called for an interview. If you compare it with the other countries in the world, you can easily find out the reasons that why Australia and NZ are better than them. Not only this, the work conditions face lesser constraints here than any part of the world. All you are required is to explain why you must be given the education visa with a proper Statement of Purpose. If you manage to do so, you are there!


The natives of the island countries of the Pacific Ocean are glad to host the world at their place. They are friendly and this promotes the multiculturalism in these two nations. The Kiwis and the Kangaroos (as they are called in layman terms) welcome the world with warm hands in their countries for this is also a source of their economy. This elevates the growth of any individual for you get to learn from the best of the world’s culture.

Earn while you learn

As I mentioned in the visa section, their policy allows you to work part time as you carry on with your education. Permitting 20 hours of work a week and 40 during the vacations, there are various agencies which help you find the work in the name of ‘Student Job Search’ service. This relieves students from losing money in the name of the taxes and conversion rates if they receive the money from back there in India.


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