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A happy child with a streak of madness. Reader, writer, professional over-thinker , lover of cheesecake. Usually surrounded by books, her hobbies include baking, jumping to conclusions, and quoting the six F.R.I.E.N.D.S. She believes in unconditional kindness and hopes to change the world one article at a time. ~Good words and good vibes only.

7 Career options you can choose after graduating in Commerce

The Indian education system provides to its students a facility of choosing subjects according to three streams, which can be studied in senior secondary classes. These are Humanities, Commerce...
social media indian politics

How social media is transforming Indian Politics

Indian politics has revolved around traditional methods or business model of rallies, and door to door canvassing during elections since Independence- supplementing it with distribution of pamphlets, flyers, badges...
Crimes in Delhi

Are Delhiites Insensitive to Crimes against women ?

Delhi is the pride of India. It is an establishment that comprises of the richest people in the country, heritage buildings, headquarters of most crucial organizations, and a generously...
Gurmehar Kaur and sehwag twitter

How Gurmehar is wrong, and how cautiously freedom of speech needs to be exercised

The nation has been a hotbed of some grave political issues in the recent times. The violence in Ramjas College and the consequent row over Gurmehar Kaur’s comments on...

Why is it important for your Daughter to study and gain work experience before...

As a parent, you wish to protect your child and safeguard his/her future in the best possible manner. Your daughter especially, captures your attention as you fret about her...

7 Things every couple must discuss before Getting Married

We live in a new- age India. The way we all look at marriage nowadays, even in the most conservative of families, is very different to that of the...
role of media

Role of media in contemporary India

Freedom of expression and the right to criticize the Government is given to all Indian citizens as residents of a democratic nation. Media became popular in India in 19th...
Body Shaming Children

How to Avoid Body shaming your Children

Body Shaming: (noun) the action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size. We all are well aware of the power...