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A happy child with a streak of madness. Reader, writer, professional over-thinker , lover of cheesecake. Usually surrounded by books, her hobbies include baking, jumping to conclusions, and quoting the six F.R.I.E.N.D.S. She believes in unconditional kindness and hopes to change the world one article at a time. ~Good words and good vibes only.

Can ‘friends with benefits’ relationships ever REALLY work?

Amongst all the strange trends that the ‘millennials’ brought into the contemporary life, the trend of being friends with ‘benefits’ seems to be a favourite. Here are some interesting...
Corporate vs Startup

Corporate v/s Startup- Which Environment is Right for You?

As the world evolves, culture and trends too evolve. Even in the work culture, new waves are hitting in, like that of startups and independent businesses. We have had the...
Impact of Internet

Positive Impact of Internet on Youth

The last decade has been witness to a revolutionary boom in internet technology. The 3G mobile networks, high speed Wi-Fi, and portable dongles have been introduced to the Indian...

5 Ways Your Mind May Be Sabotaging You at Work

Work is often a tricky business. You may be following every rule and every age-old guideline, and yet not be doing as well as you would like. Every organization/industry...
Examination system in India

Examination System in India- How to assess the true merits of students?

The education system in India has not undergone a proper revival or update in a very long time. Yes, we had the CCE system come in for a few...
Distance Education for youth

Is Distance Education Right for You?

Various universities and institutions offer distance learning or distance education courses nowadays. These courses are affiliated to standardized universities and offer legitimate degrees in the subjects of choice. The...
Imress your teachers

How to make a good impression on your teacher

Our years in school and college are an integral part of our life. We form our identities, individualities, and knowledge base here. Educational institutes help us develop and grow...
Parents are your best friends

Parents are your best friends!

The statement “Parents are your best friends” will invoke two responses. First would be “No”, by the younger age group, those who are probably teenagers. While “Yes” would be...