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Brinda Rana
I am an accidental pharmacist, baker and blogger, an intentional mother and in between all these designations I try to juggle my wife duties as well. And if asked to pick one of these, being a mom and writing about my experiences in life has by far been most fulfilling.
Mother Son Teaching

How parents Can help children make the right career choices

Having grown up in a family of doctors and engineers my obvious and perhaps only career choice was to add on to the family tradition, becoming a doctor that...
Parent-Teacher Meeting

What should parents ask at Parent-Teacher Meeting

How is she doing in school, is perhaps the most popular question every parent asks at a school parent-teacher meeting or Parent-Teacher Association ( PTA) . The response from...
My Idea Possible

How to Bring your Ideas to Life

How many times have you sat around friends either at work, home or even a college campus and someone has remarked “That’s a great idea!” It has happened with all...

Raising Responsible Children

During my college years, liberation meant- when my parents would leave me alone in the house for five whole days every year to take their Pandharpur Yatra. I think...
Yoga Youth

Yoga for youth

When we say the word ‘Yoga’, an image of someone doing the tree pose or the dog pose comes to mind. But yoga is much more than that. According to...
Good Parenting

What is good Parenting ?

Parenting today has changed drastically from what it used to be over a few decades ago. The rapid advent of social media, nuclear families and a radical change in...