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Debolina is an Ex-Journalist. Lover of music and everything creative. New found hobby: Cooking (and eating). Borderline case of OCD. Not a cat lady. Addicted to YouTube and the rest of the internet. From “Dear Diary” to this; writing has always been the “happy place”. Writes to Live. Lives to write.
Education for Career Growth

How to Choose the Right Education for Career Growth

Remember how as a kid you invariably wanted to become a doctor, an engineer or a teacher? As you grew older, the answer to the “what you want to...
Productive at Work

6 Life Hacks that Make You More Productive at Work

Your professional success depends a lot on how productive you make yourself at work. If you are serious about your career, it is imperative that you need to make...
Earn Respect at Work

7 Proven Ways to Earn Respect At Work

Success in your professional career demands a lot more than you just being competent and smart. To be able to seen as a valuable employee, you need to be...

5 Things You Must Do Before Making a Career Change

Your first job does not necessarily have to be your dream job. More often than not, people find themselves stuck in the wrong profession the first time around. What...
If a Child Hasn’t Learnt, We Haven’t Taught

If a child has not learnt , it is we who have not taught.

Learning begins right from the day a person is born. In fact, the first five years are believed to be the most fundamental. These are the years that lay...
agriculture India

Why Should the Youth Step into Agriculture

Agriculture is of primary importance to the Indian economy. A large proportion of the Indian population is dependent on agriculture for employment. It is the source of livelihood for...
Indian Armed forces Carere Option

Is Joining Armed Forces an Attractive Career Option?

Being part of the Indian Armed Forces is both a matter of honour and pride. Whether you choose to join the Army, the Navy or the Air Force, you...
How to deal with job insecurity

How to Deal With Job Insecurity

We are living in a world of cut-throat competition. The proverbial rat race is getting worse by the day. Professionally, you can never get too comfortable where you are....