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Sports should be incentivized with marketing and strategic business driven benefits

Over the past decade, there have been a plethora of changes in the sporting world, especially in India. The rise of new digital platforms and technologies has added an...
Hawra Bridge , Kolkata

6 Offbeat Getaways from Kolkata

A getaway from the city of joy usually means a trip to popular destinations like Digha and Darjeeling, which attract millions of tourists over the year. Choosing less crowded...
Football Tournaments in India

Major Football Tournaments in India

Football is the second most popular sport in India after cricket. The beautiful game is watched and admired by millions across the country. If statistics are to be believed,...

The importance of sports in harnessing the power of the youth

Sport, as we know, is an integral part of our lives. Somehow or the other, we all are connected to sports; be it watching it on the Television, reading...
Indian Sports

Corporate social responsibility spends in sports can ignite sports development in India

While going through my Company Law book today, I came across a very interesting section- It read Section 135 (Corporate Social Responsibility). According to the book, Corporate Social Responsibility...
Sports Revolution in India

Need for Sports Revolution in India

“It's Cristiano Ronaldo who strikes emphatically past Oblak and WINS THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOR REAL!” screamed the commentator in sheer ecstasy as Ronaldo scored past the Atletico Madrid goalkeeper...
Football in India

Football in India

Football is the most popular (and the most commercialized) sport in the world. It is played in almost every country. It is a game that unites people from all...
Football in India

Why football is not popular in India ?

Football- A game that is played, adored and ardently followed by millions across the globe.  A game that is synonymous to religion for many. Despite being the most popular...



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