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An engineer who carries a profound love for writing. A freelancer blogger and a political aficionado, he aims to initiate a political revolution with his write ups. In short, "an engineer by choice, writer by passion and politics by nation"

Should healthy food be made mandatory in schools and College Canteens ?

The importance of the school and the college canteens was never undermined and in the changing times where both the parents are working, it has further increased exponentially. Though...

How can students make money while traveling?

One of the fast emerging careers in the tourism and the travel industry is that of a traveler. Many youngsters are giving up on their corporate high paying jobs...
Government of India's Ministers

Who are the Best performing ministers in the Narendra Modi government ?

Ever since the Modi government took oath in the centre, there have been a lot of ups and downs. Besides all these, the potential of the ministers has been...

Why Australia and New Zealand are the favorite Study Abroad Destinations of Indian Students...

Australia and New Zealand are one of the most preferred destinations for the students in Indian to earn the education degrees. Having numerous top ranked universities, both of these...

The patriotic destinations in India you must take your Children

Patriotism is not something that you can teach your children by sending them to the school or from the books. It has to be induced! It can be either...
Delhi University

Are Government Universities better than Private Universities?

One of the biggest dilemmas that are faced by any teenager moving to college after a long and cherishable school life, which one to go for? A private or...

How to Turn an Internship into a Full-Time Job

One of the dreams of any youngster is to grab a job as soon as you are out of the college. After graduation, to retain the commercial viability of...

What you can Expect to learn from your summer internship ?

Internships are an important component of the making of any professional. They offer an exposure to the industrial platform and elaborates on how the things work in the professional...



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