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Jyoti Tiwari
Jyoti Tiwari has co-authored research reports to Govt.Of India and has appeared on international radio shows as well for creating awareness about the issues that men go through. She is a published author of the book Anuurag which is a bestseller.
498a law

The draconian law 498a

It is termed draconian law and it is also termed as legal terrorism by honorable supreme court of India . This law has given a lot of bad name...
Disposable Men

The Disposable men

We see men dying around us and it does not shake us that much as the death of a woman or issue of a woman . We are somehow...
marital rape

Marital Rape – What lies Beneath!

In spite of having so many women centric laws Feminists in India are not satisfied . They want more to so they keep trying by various permutation , combinations...
Mukesh Pandey DM Buxar

Suicide or murder By society

Before India celebrated it’s 71st independence day what shook the whole nation was suicide of a 29 year old IAS officer Mukesh Pandey . Mukesh pandey was DM of...
men and independence

Men and Independence Day

India will be celebrating it’s 71th  independence day this year . A proud moment for all of us Indians , isn’t it ? Time has come when we Indians...



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