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Kavita Panyam is a Counseling Psychologist by profession and a Freelance Writer by passion. She has won competitions for writing and her work has been published in national and international magazines and portals.
working women

Who Leads a Better Life? Working women or Housewives?

In the olden days, women hardly went out of their houses to work. The modern age has made it a necessity for the lady of the house to be...

Intelligence quotient (IQ) Vs Emotional Quotient (EQ) : Which one is required to succeed...

So much has been written and discussed on Intelligence quotient and Emotional quotient and yet there exists some confusion regarding which trait is needed to succeed in life. While...

Important Tips for the Modern Working Woman to keep her child Safe At Home

Children are a source of joy to their parents. But for the modern working women, leaving their child behind and going to work, can be quite stressful. Given the...

Should Your Child Have a Social media Account

Communication has been an integral part of networking, be it making new friends, finding your dream job, a prospective suitor and more. What is not surprising in this age...
youth india

How youth can bring change in India ?

Youth empowerment is about young people achieving their potential using their complete abilities and talents. When this happens young people gain the ability and authority they need to visualize,...
Intelligent people

Why Do Some Intelligent People Fail to Achieve Their Potential?

While it certainly is a boon to be born intelligent, smartness can be acquired over the years via learning. However, sometimes even this deadly combo can fail, when it...
Emotional Drama on Television

Why Youngsters Prefer Watching Emotional Dramas on Television?

How well can you read people? Can you read the emotions of those around you, when they choose to stay clammed up? Do you understand the various emotions a...
Social Networking Sites

Positive impact of social networking sites on the youth

A lot has been discussed about the impact of social networking sites on the youth, which has mostly been a mixed observation. While a part of it may hold...



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