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Kunal is an ex-banker with a (largely self-proclaimed) flair for writing. He is an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai.

How can the government make sure students don’t have to give up on education?

It is a fact nobody can dispute that India has made great strides when it comes to the education levels of its population. From independence, when the literacy rate...
reduce poverty India

6 Ways the Government can act to reduce poverty in India

Depending on which statistic you believe, between 22% and 30% of Indians live in poverty. Whether you consider the lower limit or the upper one, given India’s population, it...

What can the Government of India do to support small farmers?

Recent developments in our country have brought out in sharp, sometimes tragic relief, the sad plight of the small farmer. Beset by loans, buffeted by the vagaries of weather...

ULIP vs Mutual Funds: which is the better investment?

The objective of every investor is to create long-term wealth. Obviously this means money cannot be left idle. While Fixed Deposit yields have been falling, for other investment avenues...

How can the government ensure social justice?

‘Social Justice’ is a fascinating concept. It is generally taken to mean the fair and just relation between the individual and the society. It aims to assign the rights...
Mutual Funds

How to plan for your Child’s future with Mutual Funds

The birth of a child is one of the most joyful events in his or her parents’ life. But in today’s world, the joy is often tempered with a...
How to avoid financial stress while working for a start-up

How to avoid financial stress while working for a startup

Working for a start-up is an interesting state of being. On the one hand, the pay is usually quite good. Better than some more regular, conventional jobs. On the...
Banks in India

What should you look for when choosing a Bank?

Opening a bank account with a bank is really like starting a relationship – easy enough to get into, not always pleasant, and difficult to end. So it makes...