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Kunal is an ex-banker with a (largely self-proclaimed) flair for writing. He is an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai.
Working from Home

5 Health Tips for people working from home

Working from home sounds like an easy gig. You get to choose your hours, you work as much as you want to, and of course, you can work in...

A beginner’s guide to investing in Debt Mutual Funds

We have spoken at length in these pages about the benefits of investing in Mutual funds, as well as about the different types of Funds available in the market....

Best Alternatives to Fixed Deposits

Indians love Fixed Deposits. The bulk of our savings lie in this form, i.e. long-term deposits placed with banks. The perception of safety that comes from having money lying...
mutual funds vs Fixed deposits in India

How Safe Are Debt Mutual Funds, compared to Fixed Deposits?

As recently as 2013, the interest rates on Bank FD’s were as high as 9% per annum for a 5-year term. Since then, as the fiscal deficit has reduced,...

10 Hidden Housing Costs that homeowners don’t expect

Owning your own house is a wonderful feeling. To have a home you call your own, which you have paid for and where you expect to lay down the...
Are you putting short-term returns before long-term goals?

Are you putting short-term returns before long-term goals?

In the mid-90’s, Richard Williams was something of a joke in tennis circles. This was not because he had pulled his obviously-talented daughters, Venus and Serena, out of the...
Education Loans in India

6 Things to keep in mind before taking an education loan

When I did my MBA, just over a decade ago, the tuition cost of doing it, from what was considered one of India’s best business schools, was under Rs...
Consumer India

7 tips to be a smarter consumer

In today’s world, we are all consumers. Consumers of goods, consumers of services, consumers of entertainment and consumers of news, and all of these, in some form or other...