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Persons With Disability

What should government Do To Make India More Accessible For Persons With Disability !

Disability is a word that is taken and poured out of the context in India. A person with physical challenges is often termed as disable, someone who is unable...

Why are Indian parents afraid to let their daughters travel alone

With the constant upsurge of crime against women in this country, safety of women has become an issue that needs due attention. So while most parents nowadays are rooting...
year-drop after graduation in India

How to Get a Job after Graduation

Getting a job after graduation is a dream that everyone nurtures all through their lives. A better life after all the struggle in the mind, and there you are...
Life after college

Life after College — What to do after graduation ?

Once college is over, it’s a new life altogether. It is a life that beckons you to make something great with it. This life, after you complete the college...

Importance of Youth Participation in electoral Politics

There cannot be a second thought about the fact that participation of youth in electoral politics is imperative in every possible sense. If a country has to grow in...

Patriotism : A forgotten spirit in India

The Indian Independence saga is one of the most bitter battle that was ever fought against foreign oppression. Several stalwarts fought against the Britishers and emerged winners after freeing...
how divorce affects children

How Divorce Affects Children

Breaking of relationships is never a great thing to happen in life, and thus divorce is also a painful bearing in all sense. When two people decide to part...
Unpaid Internship youth

How Unpaid Internship Makes Youth Less Employable

Scores of students from the college plunge in the employment world every year. And, while they are still studying, most people prefer to have an industry experience along with....



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