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how divorce affects children

How Divorce Affects Children

Breaking of relationships is never a great thing to happen in life, and thus divorce is also a painful bearing in all sense. When two people decide to part...
Unpaid Internship youth

How Unpaid Internship Makes Youth Less Employable

Scores of students from the college plunge in the employment world every year. And, while they are still studying, most people prefer to have an industry experience along with....

How to Make Your Home Disability Friendly

In a bid to make life comfortable for people who are differently abled, the care and concern begins at home. Before they step out and face the mad world,...

Why Do Kids Steal? – how to put an end to stealing?

Saw your child stealing and hiding- you are raged and flabbergasted, isn’t it? What if you are told that this is common. Well, kids do steal, and that no...

How to Talk to Your Kids about Violence and Terrorism

Words like ‘Terrorism’ and ‘Violence’ send chills in our spines. As adults, we all feel the fright and pain associated with it. While adults understand what is happening and...
Pressurizing Kids for Marks

What kids should do if parents are pressurizing for perfect grades?

Most often it is seen that parents are told what they must or must not do while bringing up their kids. And, in that pressurizing children for perfect grades...
Power of positive mom

Power of Positive Mom in a child’s life

Mother- it is said that this is probably one of the most pious words any human being can think off. Relationship between a child and a mother is unique...

How Should We Honor Our Elderly Parents?

Elderly parents are blessings that only a chosen few can savor in their lifetime. They are pillars on which every child has made a formidable base of their life....