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Should Article 370 Be Abolished?

Okay…first things first…”what is Article 370?” (for only then can we go on to discuss and debate if it should or could be abolished?!?) Article 370 — enshrined in the...

How Arvind Kejriwal Making Mockery of Democracy in India

Even as an adamant Arvind Kejriwal kept telling the Election Commission that it will only take 90 seconds to replace the motherboard on the Electronic Voting Machines (or EVMs),...
Politics of Arvind Kejriwal

5 Reasons people are losing respect for Arvind Kejriwal

Once Upon A Time there was an Aam Aadmi called Arvind Kejriwal who came to the rescue of the oppressed common man…like a messiah. He promised to help rid...
LOC Attack India

LoC Attack : Time for Some Pay Back!

There is absolutely no denying that the political, military and civil state of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is in dire straits. In fact, with every passing day,...
RERA - Real estate regulation Act

Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA)- How it will help the Home buyers?

For the uninitiated, RERA stands for Real Estate Regulation Act…the latest move by the Modi government that hopes to bring transparency and fair practices back to a sector that...

What gives Bahubali its bahubal?

Well, the world comprises of two kinds of people…those who have seen Bahubali and those who haven’t. Until this morning, I actually belonged to the second group…those few people...
MCD Delhi elections

BJP Sweeps the Broom Off the Streets

The BJP wave seems to have swept the MCD Elections in Delhi too, with BJP retaining its strong-hold on all the three civic bodies, i.e. the North Delhi Municipal...
One India One Election

One India, One Election – Pros and Cons

BJP election manifesto envisioned the conduct of simultaneous elections across the country…all at one go! Since then, there has been much debate around this notion of ‘One India, One...