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Has the BJP become a Catch All Party?

Well, first of all…I believe, it’s time for a quick vocabulary lesson (so at least we can understand the article in its present context). You see, in the world...

Why is the Indian media losing its credibility?

Well, first things first…as a journalist’s daughter, I have always held the deepest regards for honest, unbiased and just journalists. Yet…ironically enough, as a journalist’s daughter, I also know...

How Young People are Uniting in India to Make the Lotus Bloom

The date 11th March 2017 is forever going to remain etched in people’s memory for a very very long time indeed…for that was the day when — after a...
Secularism in India

The Banality of Secularism in India

Social anthropologist, Lise McKean, who authored the book ‘Divine Enterprise’ once said, “Religion is not only good for business…it is the best business of all: start-up costs are low,...
ramjas college clash 2017

Fracas at Ramjas college: Much Ado About Something

For the uninformed, the Delhi Crime branch has now commenced its investigation into the violent clashes that broke out between the RSS-backed Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) students and...

Distortion of Indian History in Bollywood

Just a few days back, I was in Bithoor — the place that took centre-stage during the revolt of 1857 (if you still find it difficult to remember the...

Glorification of Gangsters and Mafia Dons in Bollywood Movies

Once upon a time, we lived in simpler times when it was almost a given that all movies would subscribe to the concept of “Satyamev Jayate”. Audiences flocked to...
student politics

Should Student Politics Be Banned from College Campuses?

Well, let’s be honest. Politics is an important aspect of our lives and we all — irrespective of age, gender, status, (or whether we are studying) etc. — need...