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Glorification of Gangsters and Mafia Dons in Bollywood Movies

Once upon a time, we lived in simpler times when it was almost a given that all movies would subscribe to the concept of “Satyamev Jayate”. Audiences flocked to...
student politics

Should Student Politics Be Banned from College Campuses?

Well, let’s be honest. Politics is an important aspect of our lives and we all — irrespective of age, gender, status, (or whether we are studying) etc. — need...
Reservations by Caste

Do You Think Reservations Are Essential In Addressing the Caste Problem in India?

Reservations or “affirmative action” as it is normally (and positively) referred to, basically means a proactive attempt to favour disadvantaged groups, who have been historically marginalised over the years...

Why are Nationalism Haters Turning Into India Haters?

In case, you are flummoxed as to whatever did I mean by the rhetorical question — ‘Why are nationalism haters turning into India haters?’, don’t worry for we will...

Being a Nationalist Isn’t Easy

We humans are a strange species! Amongst the many things that set us apart from each other, there is, however, one common commonality that connects every human being on...
Juveniles crimes India

Should Juveniles Be Punished Like Adults for Committing Heinous Crimes?

It’s been more than four years since the fateful night of December 16 that saw five adult men and a juvenile commit one of the most gruesome rape and...

How a Political Party Used Education to Brainwash Students

There is a pretty (in)famous adage: “History is written by the victors.” Given its prevalence and its relevance, it is obvious that the Indian history and the Indian narrative...

RaGa-0 ; NaMo – 1

‘Zero’, ‘Fictitious’ and ‘Not Authentic’ were the terms that the Hon’ble Supreme Court chose to describe the documents seized by the Income Tax department, which had not only formed...