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Narendra Modi and Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not Narendra Modi

If there were two men, who would be called the face of  Current Affairs and/or World News…then it would have to be: the President-elect of the United States of...
Kejriwal Politics

Is Arvind Kejriwal’s political interests bigger than the national interest?

Well…there are many things that have changed over the last one week…although, some things (in India) never change. And one such thing is Arvind Kejriwal and his polemically political...

India’s currency ban — Narendra Modi government’s all out war on black money

Well to be completely honest, I never really thought that I’d ever have an opportunity to use my favourite line from one of my  favourite all-time-classics: ‘A Tale of...
Youth Policy India

India needs a better youth policy to connect Young Indians and government

Well, the pessimists say - ‘No matter how bad things get, they can always get worse’. Although, since we believe in duality and the law of opposites…the same quote...
Youth skill

5 Reforms the Narendra Modi Government has Brought in for Youth of India

On May 21, 2014, this country (and the youth that forms the majority of it) decided to give Narendra Modi a massive mandate to refashion and reform this country…and...
Support India

Time to stand with the government against terrorism forgetting all the differences, may it...

Time to stand with the government against terrorism (now time has come to stand united and forget all differences, may it be political, ideological or religious to give a...

Why Narendra Modi Needs To Be More Offensive Now (against perpetrators of terrorism)?

While we were busy enjoying the weekend and figuring out ways to fight the Monday Blues, an important development was taking place on the other side of the border....

Should India actually opt out of Indus Waters Treaty?

With tensions flaring at the Line of Control and within the two countries, it is natural that most Indians are actually hoping that India will opt out of the...