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Youngest Nation: You Are The Change You Are Asking For!

The reports and surveys have suggested that India is going to be the youngest nation by 2020. The figures suggest that every third person in a city of India...

Life of a Rape Victim

It’s a nightmare to even think of something like ‘rape’ happening to you. The heinous the crime is, the more horrible is living with it. Rape not only takes...
Depressed Relationship

Signs And Solutions : Depressed Relationship

Depression is an inflicting state of mind which does not only eat the mind of a person but also his/ her relationship. There is a high chances if one...
Inspiring Youth

Inspiration from All Around for Youth

Remember the time, when you were very small and had dreamt to become almost everything and had no doubt in mind of not being able to achieve it? Well,...

Ways To Stay Safe For Indian Women Who Are Living and Travelling Alone

There never goes a day where you don’t hear in the media about some or the other crime against women in India. The crime rate against women is so...

Crime Against Men in India

No, you don’t get to read this in the newspaper every day. Crime against men in India is a mum topic. Nobody wants to raise it as most of...



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