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deepika cleavage Issue

Objectification of women in the media

This article comes on the heels of a recent gaffe by the Times of India newspaper, India’s most read national newspaper. Visiting state guests are the Duke and Duchess...

Empowering women through the Internet in India

In this age of Information Technology, the importance of the Internet as a source of knowledge cannot be emphasized enough. Especially, at a time when the new government under...

Why do women fear being labeled as a Feminist in India?

Feminist literature is increasingly becoming popular with readers in India and even movies with women-centric roles are becoming popular. Actors like Kangana Ranaut and Vidya Balan are proudly playing...

Television & Cinema Should Be More Gender-Sensitive

The objectification of women in TV and cinema has been a contentious issue for long, not just in developed nations but also in a developing country in India. We...

Feminism in India

Feminism, by its very definition, is about gender equality. It’s about emancipating women to acknowledge their equal status to their male counterparts. Like their counterparts in other nations, feminists...
Winters Tips

8 tips to stay healthy during the winters

Winter is fast approaching with the oncoming of December and Christmas. This season, with its slew of festivals, also brings along some opportunities for health problems. The most important...

6 health problems all women should be aware of

In the modern age, as much as we have technologically developed, our lifestyles have led to various health problems. We have adopted lifestyles which are not in tandem with...

Causes of hormonal imbalance in Women

A woman’s body undergoes plenty of changes from infancy till old age- and a lot of these changes are brought on by changes in the hormone levels. Some of...



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